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Solihull Full of Cheaters According to Detectives

If you live in Solihull, you might want to keep a closer eye on your partner from now on. Apparently, this place in the West Midlands is one of the worst places to find cheaters and love rats. In fact, a new private investigation office has been set up in the borough to cope with the high demand! Suspicious partners aren’t taking any chances and are making sure they can trust their other halves with the help from private detectives. Read on to learn more:

High Street in Solihull

A private investigator who has been in the game for a long time, named Melvyn, says that he can’t believe the rise in people calling for his help in Solihull. The increase in calls has been quick and dramatic. Melvyn originally owned a firm in Coventry, but decided to branch out to Solihull when he realised they were all in desperate need of a reliable investigator.

He says he’s been ‘swamped’ with calls. Melvyn has around 40 cheating cases per year on average – a very busy business. Of course, he gets calls from Solihull regarding other situations that people would like to be investigated. However, cheating is the most popular case by a country mile.

It isn’t just wives who think their husbands are cheating either, sometimes it’s the other way around. Why is this? Well, Melvyn thinks it’s because of all of the businessmen in Solihull. On one hand, the men go away and the women suspect that they are cheating on them while they’re in another city. On the other hand, the men go away and worry that their wives are getting attention from someone else.

Melvyn and the rest of his team use a variety of cameras to catch cheating love rats in the act. It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be like: they follow around the suspected cheat with their cameras to try to catch them meeting their bit on the side. The cameras pick up everything you could need, but Melvyn and his team still need to be conscious of the law. Being a private investigator is no joke, and everything must be done by the book. If anybody stepped out of line, they could get in serious trouble with the police.

Melvyn and his employees are free to record the suspected cheats in public places, like restaurants and pubs, but never in the privacy of the person’s hotel room. Unsurprisingly, one of the busiest times for Melvyn is Valentine’s day. Christmas is fairly quiet, as people just haven’t got the money to find out the truth. The time right after school holidays can be busy, too.

The private detective admits that only around 50% of the people who are suspected to be cheating, are in fact cheating. The evidence is only presented to the client once the team knows for sure whether somebody is a love rat.

If you suspect your partner is cheating, don’t brush it under the carpet. Hire a reputable agency to help you find the truth – especially if you live in Solihull.

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