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British Gas Fails To Meet Energy Efficiency Targets

Energy efficiency has been a hot topic both in the UK and the US for the last decade. Whilst it is clear that companies need to take responsibility for their emissions, it seems that few are. Major businesses across both countries have promised to reduce their carbon footprint. It is clear to see that there was no weight to these promises as many businesses have failed. Over time, the global situation is getting worse and worse. The annual emissions from gas companies are slowly killing the planet. Many politicians have voiced their concerns about the growing crisis, yet there is no answer.

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Last year, UK leader, British Gas, promised to reduce their increase energy efficiency. It has just come to light that the company has failed to meet its targets on time. With even the biggest companies failing to be more energy efficient, it seems impossible to think that anyone will. Many homes, across the UK, get their energy from British Gas. Whilst people have committed to reducing their individual contributions, it is not enough. It is hard to say what impact minor reductions will have on the situation. Many people fear that the global problem is getting worse, rather than better. If companies don’t act fast, we could have a serious crisis on our hands.

The target was to help thousands of homes reach their ideal energy efficiency rating. Reports show that British Gas failed to help the most vulnerable people across Britain. Many homes were on a waiting list for a matter of months before an expert could reach them. The issue wasted a lot of energy across the UK. A great many homes were hoping for help with insulation this year, but did not get what they needed from British Gas. The company left its customers out in the cold when they needed help. Many households are still waiting for improvements to their energy and home insulation.

Today, Ofgem have announced that the corporate leaders will face a huge penalty for not reaching their target. It is common practice that Ofgem charges people for failing the public in their duty to help. British Gas will have to pay £11.1 million to a charity by way of a penalty fee. That amount of money is sure to have a big impact on the company. Companies would, usually, turn to solicitors practicing company law in London to help them. It would appear that British Gas have taken their penalty without complaint.

The company plans to pay the money to a national charity. The charity seeks to help unfortunate people with their energy costs. This Christmas, many people in the UK will not have the money to heat their homes. Pensioners are in a high-risk category. They don’t have the money to pay their gas bills, and are too weak to withstand cold conditions. That means that many pensioners are at risk of death during harsh winters. As the temperature drops to below five degrees, experts believe that there are many people across the UK who will feel the cold. National charities can only do so much to help vulnerable people.

Experts believe that many other energy companies, such as Scottish Power, will face fines soon. Ofgem plans to look into these companies and see what they have done to meet their targets. The fines will all go towards charities that seek to help people through the winter months. But, is it enough? Some people believe that these charities can’t help all the people who need it. That means that many families will suffer through the winter without the help that they need.

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