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How to Improve your Local Image

Your staff move in and around your local community to commute to and from your workplace. They might nip out to a crowded sandwich bar or cafe for their lunch, or pop into the supermarket to pick up something for dinner on the way home. You expect your staff to project an image of professionalism appropriate to your business through their appearance and behavior. You don’t expect them to be walking billboards promoting your company logo, but perhaps you should.

Most companies are providing staff members with ID cards. They may be used to gain access to the photocopier or access to the whole building. Customer-facing staff need to be able to prove they represent your organisation. Having a card helps staff feel they belong, but ID cards can go much farther.

Firstly, they sport your logo. This is your brand and is the symbol which Joe Public associates with you and recognises you by. All the feelings they have about you as a corporation are tied up in that one image. It is powerful. Next to it on the ID card is a picture of a smiling face. This wonderful person is happy to be associated with your brand. Your business makes this real person smile. No air-brushed models or photo shoot aesthetics here. Just a real person who smiled because they were having their staff photo taken by  an expert in corporate headshot photography.

Now think back to all the people in your local community each staff member passes in a working day. Positive reinforcement of your brand is possible right here. One of the easiest ways to promote your business in the community is to provide your staff with a lanyard. Wearing their ID cards throughout the working day, allows hundreds of people to view your company logo. This can reinforce public perception that you are a good employer and a successful business within their community.

Lanyards are an easy way to wear ID cards, and can, in themselves, provide promotion of your business, brand or products. If you are willing to stretch this part of your marketing budget a little further, you can order lanyards bearing the company name or logo. Then, you can hire a small business graphic design agency to design the lanyard for you.

Screen printing can be achieved on one or both sides very cheaply and provides a good finish to the lanyard. Full-color heat transfer processes allow for high-resolution imagery such as photos or more detailed logos on the lanyard. For businesses looking to decrease their environmental impact, cotton lanyards can be recycled. They are also biodegradable.

However if you’re in need of fast, accurate, wholesale t shirts printing, some reliable silkscreen companies are standing by and ready to help. You may also consider reaching out to professional digital printing companies for all your printing needs.

Lanyards tend to be much cheaper ordered in bulk, so consider stocking up for visitors, trade shows and new recruits. If you need to save money, picking a bright stock colour with no printing should still help draw attention to the ID card.

For a relatively small cost, lanyards and branded bottled water from customwater.com can provide enormous amounts of positive PR for your business. You may also hire a brand photography professional to take great photos of your products that you can use in your marketing campaigns.

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