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12 Of the Most Dangerous Jobs in the World

Have you ever wondered what the most dangerous jobs in the world are? There are the scary sounding jobs, like shark tank cleaner, but in reality it’s mostly the more common jobs that are dangerous. You probably know somebody who has a job in one of the professions listed here. You might even have one yourself. Take a look and see what you think:


1. Mountain Guides

Mountains aren’t exactly known for their safe working conditions. Mountain guides need to help people make their way up and down a mountain, overcoming freezing temperatures and sickness from the altitude. There can be serious injuries and even death in a profession such as this. Mountain guides are also required to be fast and strong, so that they can set up camp and help carry heavy bags. Some mountains are more dangerous than others, but all mountains pose a risk at times. Mountain guides are always required to be on the ball.

2. Stunt Men

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows for stunt men. Although they might get to meet a famous celebrity or two, and get paid a hell of a lot, they can get seriously injured and even die. Depending on the stunt they do, they could put themselves in hospital. Some stunt men don’t even stand in for celebrities; they do it themselves for fun.

3. Firefighters

Firefighters help to put out dangerous fires, and rescue pets/people trapped inside if possible. They have to go through extensive vetting to ensure they’re suitable for the profession, so it’s notoriously hard to get a look in. Firefighters are required to stay physically fit in order to fight fires and stay safe while keeping others safe. This job can come with a lot of pressure, as well as stress and other negatives. However, it can sometimes be the most rewarding job in the world. You just need to be prepared to risk your life to save others.

4. Police Officers

Police officers aren’t the most respected of public servants, which is why life can get dangerous for them at times. Some are corrupt and get drunk on the power, but others really want to help people and make the world a better place. Unfortunately, some people have a mentality that’s against all police in general, and nothing you can do will change their minds. Innocent police officers can be targeted by gang members, for example. Some are even targeted during terror attacks. If something like this happens, they might find it helpful to look into no win no fee claims with russellworthsolicitors.

5. Bodyguards

Depending on who and what you’re protecting, things can get a little messy. It can be interesting too, sure; like the time Orlando Bloom tried to take a running punch at Justin Bieber. His body guards stopped him from getting a black eye and fat lip. Things can get much scarier than that though at times; it’s your job to protect your employer no matter what!

6. Miners

Miners have plenty of dangers to face on a regular working day. Not only do they have the potential to get something called ‘black lung’, they can get trapped below ground for days and even weeks without rescue. They could be crushed to death in an instant, or develop a more long standing problem with their lungs. I’m not sure which I’d prefer, but both are terrifying.

7. Deep Sea Fishermen

You might think that a deep sea fisherman just stands there with a rod and a big smile on his face happily catching his fish, but you’d be sadly mistaken. Deep sea fishermen must work in horrific, dangerous conditions in order to get their catch of the day. It’s freezing cold, and you can guarantee that the water is roaring and dangerous. Serious injuries and even death are common in this profession.

8. Shopkeeper

You probably wouldn’t have imagined that this would be on the list, but a shopkeeper can have a rough time depending on the area they live and work in. Robberies are becoming more common, and bigger shops might even fall victim to armed robberies. It’s then up to the shopkeeper to either hand over the goods or stand his ground, but either way he could get hurt in the process.

9. Teacher

Teachers try to help the younger generation grow into good, educated people, but some kids are desperate to resist. It gets much worse than hurling abuse at them. Sometimes, teachers can get seriously injured from the damage that these unruly kids can do, and there have even been a few targeted. One poor lady was killed by a pupil last year after he stabbed her in front of the whole class. There have even been school massacres and shootings in the past.

10. Roofers

Roofers need to keep their footing, otherwise they could slip and seriously hurt themselves. Not only that, they become susceptible to sun damage while up so high on the roof.

11. Bomb Squad

A bomb squad is put together to disarm and protect people from bombs. This means putting themselves at risk. While this career could be worthy of a film and may seem exciting, they put their lives in danger most days.

12. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers spend most of their time on the road, sitting behind a wheel, which usually causes them to put on weight and shorten their lifespans. This isn’t the most dangerous part though; driving a huge truck requires special training, and can be difficult depending on weather conditions. Other drivers on the road can also make a truck driver’s life hard, especially if they’re particularly erratic. There’s also nothing more dangerous than a truck driver who has had a bit of a sleepless night.

Do you agree with this list of dangerous careers, or would you swap and change a few? Better still, are you in one of these careers, and is it as dangerous as it seems? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

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