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DIY Home Spa Ideas

Why spend your dollars on expensive spa treatments when you can easily turn your bathroom into a luxurious, refreshing and restorative SPA retreat with few simple tweaks. If you are thinking of your bathroom as just a place to frequently crash in, you are underrating its potential. If you turn it in to a home spa with few DIY projects, you can easily fight everyday stress and exhaustion. But if you’re looking for a good spa services that brings the medical expertise, then you can visit a site like https://glowmedspaencino.com/ for great help!

You can use the tips below to turn your bathroom in to a spa where your can soothe your nerves, lift your vigor, and maximize and revitalize your mind, instead of throwing you money in to expensive luxury spas. You should get more details if you are looking to build a full-fledged and professionally designed spa in your home.

Put your bathroom in order

Before you kickoff your soothing spa treatments, put your bathroom in order. Treat this as an important milestone in your DIY spa project. Clean everything and take out unnecessary things like your kids’ toys and extra towels. Make sure that everything is in proper place and the environment appears calming and clean. You may even improve your bathroom by getting a bathtub replacement or installing new shower doors, plumbing fixtures and accessories. If you will be replacing your plumbing fixtures, you might want to let professional plumbers do the job.

Checking your pipes often during the winter is also important. If you find a section of it that is frozen, go here to call a plumber right away. They will usually replace that section of it to prevent any damage.

Set the atmosphere with light

The next step in your project is to set the atmosphere of the bathroom with light, you can use these tips for bathroom lighting. Light is an important component in giving you a calming and peaceful mood. You can even stop the natural light coming in from outside by closing the blinds and focusing on setting up your own lighting. You can set up tea lights or light up small candles. A relaxing, soothing light will help relieve your from stress.

Put necessities items in place

Necessary items don’t mean towels only. Of course towels are important, but there are other necessary items your home spa must have to help you heal and relax. I would rather suggest you replace your routine bath towels with king-size bath sheets. Hanging a regular cotton bath curtain will add up to the spa effect. Addition of a harmonizing bath rug will further maximize the effect. Make sure to fill a chic tray with oatmeal soap, a pumice stone, and a natural loofah sponge besides other items you think would be important in the bathtub.

Adorning scents

The delightful experience of a spa begins with the aroma. Bring the same effect in your home spa with a fusion of aroma you love. Use aromas that help you to make switch from a stressed mode to a more peaceful one. You can even add scented oils of your choice to your bathtub. For a revitalizing mood, use aromas like tea tree. Scented candles can further set the mood.


Spas without calming music would be boring, so don’t forget to bring sounds to your home spa. Don’t rely on radio DJs, instead create a playlist of your own favorite, relaxing music, something with soothing tones. I would suggest you to try a CD of dedicated spa music.

Body blitz

In your bathroom spa, don’t forget to pay attention to your skin. You can use a variety of easy and inexpensive stuff to bring life to your skin and revitalize your body. Body scrubs can help you improve blood flow and remove dead skin. Using body brush to condense signs of cellulite is also a good idea.


Facials like those offered by med spas are great so don’t forget a facemask. To give your eyes a soothing effect, make sure you have cucumber slices in place. A good substitute for cucumber slices is cotton wool pads dipped in ice water.

Now that your bathroom has turned in to a spa, it is time to get in to the bathtub and rejoice by relaxing yourself in a fizzy whirlpool. Its time to put on that face mask, close your eyes, and allow your DIY spa bathroom to give you a healing effect.

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