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Magna Partnership Ltd Win Highly Sought After Green Business Award

Eco friendly offices can be a rare find. Walking through a regular office would likely present you with all kind of eco unfriendly goings on. Needless printing, computers on with nobody at the desk, every light illuminated, to name just a few things. However, some firms do make an effort to be good to the environment. In fact, Magna Partnership Ltd from Cirencester has recently been celebrated with the ‘green business award’. Read on to learn more:

Cirencester Park

The Green Business Award is a highly sought after award for businesses who pride themselves on taking eco friendly steps in the office. Magna Partnership Ltd encourages clients to use renewable materials, which of course impacts on the environment in a big way. This earned them the award at Cirencester Business Awards.

The property company was selected by judges as they use sustainable thinking in their everyday processes, and encourage their clients to do the same as them. Many have agreed that more businesses should be like them.

Magna is only a small company, made up of only 3 employees. However, it’s been running for 12 successful and eco-friendly years. Simon, the owner of the company, said he’s glad he finally entered in for this award after not doing it for so many years. Although this is the first award they’d put themselves in for, they had won previous awards, but nothing to do with being good to the environment.

Not surprising that Simon lives in a specially built ‘green’ house with his wife. The house is another way that Simon like to help the environment.

Want to win an award like Simon and his firm Magna? Follow this advice:

Encourage the Use of Renewable Materials

Just like Magna, you should go out of your way to use renewable materials and encourage others to do the same. You must practice what you preach, so make sure you are using the greenest materials you possibly can.

Use Less Electricity

Make the most of natural light rather than having all of the lights on in the office. Use laptops instead of computers. Switch everything off when you leave the building. Change the settings on your desktop so it goes into energy saving mode when you’re away. There are all kinds of things you can do to use less electricity.

Print Less

Try to print less. When you do print, make sure you use 100% recycled paper. Recycle your own used paper too! If you find it hard to print less, managed print services in London may be worth a look. You could reduce your wasteful printing and save a lot of money.

Work From Home

Working from home, even if it’s just once per week, can save money on electricity and reduce air pollution for which you can also get an air purifier at https://www.articleinsider.com/humidifier/. Think about asking your employees to work from home once per week to see if it makes a difference.

Do you think you could win the Green Business Award like Magna? Are you taking the steps to have a greener office? Let us know.

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