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How Today’s Business-Savvy Locksmiths Are Reporting A Boom In Revenue

Most trades can make a profit regardless of the current economic situation. Locksmiths are one such example.

After all; people need to get keys cut and locks changed all the time! But it seems that the locksmithing industry is getting a revenue boost of sorts. All thanks to a flexible and tech-savvy approach!


In today’s article, I explore some of the reasons that give today’s locksmiths a more comfortable life.

Offering mobile locksmithing services

One of the biggest reasons for the boost in business is down to many a locksmith’s can-do attitude towards their work. Traditional locksmiths only operate out of a shop, and can only work on locked safes that get brought to them.

Pop-A-Lock of Northern Virginia is an example where the service gets brought out to the customer. More locksmiths find that offering a mobile service adds value to what they do. That means if someone gets locked out of their home or car, a mobile locksmith can take care of the problem.

Some mobile locksmiths will even set up stalls in town centers and cities to offer their services to passing trade. It’s a great way of catering to a large customer base without the expense of paying for premises.

Smartphone apps

The Internet’s responsible for keeping many a small enterprise in business. It offers a practical medium to reach out to potential customers on a large scale. And it’s one where marketing costs are low compared to traditional mediums like newspapers.

Many locksmiths operate booking systems on their websites. But the more tech-savvy locksmiths out there are also getting smartphone apps built for them. They aren’t just a handy way of showing consumers what they do. They also offer booking facilities. All without going anywhere near a web browser or telephone!

Sometimes people might want a quote for getting a few keys cut. Some locksmiths offer a facility where customers can upload photos of keys so that they can get a quote. That is also useful for people that want an extra key cut and coded for their car.

Vast choice of keys

When customers want a key cut, they don’t just want any old key. They wish to have a choice of what style or design their new key has. A business-savvy locksmith understands these needs. That is why many of them are offering their clients a wider range of keys to choose from when getting them cut.

For example, you can get keys in different colors. Some might even want keys coated in precious metals like gold or silver! “Old-school” locksmiths go out of business because they don’t understand what their customers want. In this case, they want the ability to choose what keys they want.

24/7 services

Bricks and mortar locksmiths will only stay open during business hours. But some locksmith services also offer a mobile 24/7 service. Sure, customers may have to pay a higher fee for a callout at 3am, for example.

But it means urgent work gets done to the client’s satisfaction without waiting until the next business day.

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