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You Won’t Believe What Happened After Trump Was Elected

It’s been one crazy year and the cherry on top of the figurative cake has been the American election. If you thought the election was the most insane development though, you haven’t been paying attention. Here are some of the weirdest and wonderful things to have occurred since.

What Happened After Trump Was Elected

Get Ready For The Apocalypse

It’s true, reports have revealed that Americans all over the country began preparing for an apocalyptic-sized event. It happened as soon as the results of the election began to appear. Indeed, it seems many felt that they were in serious danger once Trump was elected into power. The most popular item was a survival kit that costs 280 dollars. Searches for the best hunting crossbow and other weapons also soared online. While we’re not sure how the US will turn out after Trump’s inauguration, we doubt it’s going to become the Hunger Games.

Americans weren’t the only ones preparing for the end, though. British people started stocking up with the same sort of supplies after the yes vote from Brexit. It’s surprisingly common for people to panic in this way when they think a big change has happened.

Mass Move To Canada!

Then, there was the Canadian Immigration site crashing on the same day as the election. People were so terrified of Trump being their president, they started to investigate how to leave the country. Canada was the closest option and got the brunt of the immigration requests. What’s more interesting is that a few days ago, Canada’s immigration policies changed. These changes make it easier for Americans to immigrate into the country.  It seems that the country is only too happy to open its borders to people desperate to flee the states.

So Long And Thanks For All The Fish

As you may have already read on our site, there is currently a movement for the entire western coast of America to leave the USA. Believe it or not, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. After Barack Obama was elected into power Texas and several other southern states threatened the same type of move. It is what is often referred to as an empty threat. There’s no way they can do it, there’s no way they will do it. Although they certainly have a lot of support. Celebrities, millionaires, and politicians have all jumped on board the campaign. Unfortunately for them, they’d need approval from Congress.

Nigel Farage, Prime Minister Of Britain

Thankfully, this one hasn’t happened, but Fox News made people think it had. They reported that Farage was the prime minister of the UK just a few days ago. It was a slip of the tongue but a rather major one, and we can’t say we’re surprised. The relationship between Trump and Farage has been widely reported. Some have even suggested he will be a key player in talks between the US and the UK from now on.

If you’re worried about any or all of these occurrences, you can take solace in one fact. 2016 is almost over and at this point, 2017 couldn’t be much worse, could it?

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