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We’re Still Here; Liberals Won’t Just Dissapear Under Trump Leadership

It was Bill Maher who started the battle cry for liberals last night on his talk show. ‘We’re still here’ is the slogan he suggests for the new liberal movement. Although it’s fair to see that the uprising of disgruntled liberals began long before Maher had the chance to voice his opinion. The question that must be asked is whether liberals do you have a reason to fear under the Trump regime. The answer it seems is yes.

Trump Leadership

Deportation Is On The Agenda

Many people believed that most of Trump’s agenda would disappear if he was elected. Although this has been true for the indictment of Hillary Clinton, the plan for mass deportation will apparently still go ahead. Trump has already claimed he will make deporting illegal immigrants a top priority next year.

A Nationalist Is Heading Trump’s Group

Steve Bannon has been announced as Trump’s Chief Strategist. This has left many liberals feeling unsettled. Indeed, it’s true to say this is a major cause for concern as Bannon is as right wing as you can be. He has also promised to hold Trump to his campaign promises. That means we could see more weird and scary pledges from the campaign come to fruition later when Trump is in power.

Going Back On Green

Trump has already made his position on the environment clear. He is choosing a climate denier to head the EPA. Arguably, this is one of the most worrying aspects of his presidency. The infographic below shows how many Americans have already committed to going green. To them, this change will be nothing short of a major step backward.


Infographic Created By Semper Solaris

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