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Weather ‘Bomb’: Storm Alert For Northeast US

By Hannah Thomas-Peter, New York CorrespondentForecasters have predicted a powerful storm could form over the Atlantic and slam in to North America’s Northeast coast late on Tuesday.

 Storm Alert For Northeast US

If the weather system develops as some have suggested, it could be the most intense since Superstorm Sandy.

Strong winds and cold Canadian air colliding with warm moist air from the south are predicted to explosively intensify the system and produce something meteorologists call “bombogenesis”.

That word describes the rapid strengthening of a storm characterised by a large and extremely rapid drop in pressure.

The National Weather Service is currently forecasting the worst conditions to hit eastern Massachusetts.

The Canadian Maritimes are also directly in the path of the storm.

Some models suggest it will generate offshore winds of up to 75-85 mph and waves of up to 50ft. Blizzard warnings are in effect across the area, with up to six inches of snow expected in some places. Homeowners are advised to prepare their homes for strong winds and heavy snowfall. Those whose roofs are likely to be destroyed by severe weather conditions should consider contacting a commercial roof repair company and have your roofs fixed or reinforced. You may also consider having a roof replacement if you think your current roofing cannot withstand strong winds and heavy rains.

Cities further west like New York and Boston may only experience what’s been described as a “glancing blow”.

The National Weather Service’s latest forecast said: “How much precipitation this system spreads inland late in the period and in the hours that follow will depend greatly upon its track – the details of which are still unclear given the variability in model solutions.

“However, while the amount of precipitation is in question, cold and very windy conditions are certain along the northern Mid-Atlantic and Northeast coasts by Wednesday morning.”

Fox News meteorologist Janice Dean wrote: “Right now it appears the worst of the storm will be off-shore which is good news because this is by far the strongest system of the season, and with a pressure drop of 46 millibars in just 24 hours, this could be one of the strongest winter storms ever recorded.

“It could come close enough to bring blizzard conditions to eastern Massachusetts, and Atlantic Canada needs to be on high alert.

“Winds could be over 100mph at the height of this beast.”

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