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US Churches No Longer in Decline

US churches have seen a rise in new buildings it has been reported. It has often been reported in the media that churches are closing their doors and cannot simply afford to operate any longer. But, the US has bucked this trend. Now, more churches are being built in the US more than anywhere else in the world. It seems that the church is no longer in decline.

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Over the last decade, there have been numerous media reports that the church is in significant decline. But, in the last few years, more churches than ever are being built, and less are being closed due to higher congregations.

So, what is the cause of this? Let’s find out.

Church Planting

Church planting is said to be a major contributor to the rise of the church. Church planting is where new churches are being built to establish a new centre of worship. This new phenomenon is breathing life into communities with an already existing congregation.

Churches by Daniels have stated that now there is a greater enthusiasm for the church. More people view church planting as a key way of increasing Christian feeling in the community. The rise of church planting has seen more of a community spirit in various areas within the US. It seems that the increase of the church is being felt as more people are keen to get involved with their community. Religion has always played a big part in community spirit. With more churches being built, more people are keen to establish their community bonds.  With more churches being launched across the US, there is new life being breathed into the Christian faith.

Church planting has seen a significant increase in more people becoming actively involved with the Christian faith. But, church ministers are concerned that this is a fad. They are keen to ensure that people are still passionate about their new church, even when the ‘newness’ fades.


Research has shown that church planting has had a significant effect on the community and the Christian faith. With the rise of new churches, there is a higher conversion rate within the faith. More people are undergoing baptisms in new churches than established churches. 20% of churches in the US are now a direct result of planting. But, it seems that these are successful and are getting more people through the doors.

Studies have shown that new churches are engaging with their audiences. While 4000 churches in the US are built every year, only 500 of the pre-existing churches are closing. Now, church plants are looking at adding to the existing structures. This is done rather than simply planting new churches. The rise of church planting is certainly a cause for celebration within the Christian faith. But, there is a need for communities to utilise the churches within their community for these to become a success.

While many have heralded the decline of the church, it seems that the Christian faith is not in decline in the US. In fact, it’s more successful than ever.

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