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Top 10 Most Frightening Jobs in the US

As today is all Hallows Eve, we thought we’d take a look at the 10 most frightening jobs in the US. Some of them may not look too spooky at first, but I assure you once you take a closer look you’ll never see them the same way again! The following careers all have frightening aspects that you probably don’t realise. In no particular order:


There are a ton of comedians in the US, some more successful than others. But what makes this job so frightening? Well, the fear of public speaking and awkward silences is enough to put anybody off. You also have the fear of rejection – nobody wants to get booed off stage!

Radio Tower Repair Man

Somebody needs to build and install those towers for radio and cellular use. However, the fear of heights is real. Nobody would want to fall from a height like that. If you fear tests and exams, applying for your construction induction card might be a little frightening too.


There are way too many parents in the US to keep count, and they don’t get paid nearly enough to do what they do. If that wasn’t enough, they also have just about everything to be afraid of. Sickness bugs, germs, temper tantrums, and more!


You can’t deny that working as a mortician would give some people nightmares. Not good for people who fear total silence, dead bodies, or even an unlikely but possible zombie attack. Morticians will be the first to know of a zombie apocalypse.

Crime Scene Investigator

Being a crime scene investigator sounds like a lot of fun, but you might find it frightening to know that you won’t be working anything like Gil Grissom. You will, however, be subjected to blood and gore on a regular basis. You’ll also need to deal with disappointed sighs when people ask what your job is really like.

Animal Trainer

Some animals can be unruly, so we need great trainers to transform them into great pets. However, there’s always the chance of an allergic reaction or an attack from a particularly naughty animal.

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindergarten teachers put thoughts in the mind of the youth of America, which is scary enough as it is. However, you also have germs and the most awful temper tantrums you can imagine to be afraid of.

Security Guard at Live Gigs

If you have a fear of being trampled by a pack of screaming music fans, then becoming a security guard at a live gig is not for you. Even scarier is the thought of being a security guard at a One Direction concert (because of the music or the fans? You decide).


Politicians have a whole lot of responsibilities, and they get rejected often (usually with a lot of name calling involved). This job is not for the faint at heart.

Microbiologist for Infectious Diseases

If you feel nothing but dread and fear in your heart when it comes to diseases like Ebola, you don’t want to become a microbiologist for infectious diseases any time soon.


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