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Three-Year-Old Shot Dead ‘For Jumping On Bed’

A Texas stepfather is accused of fatally shooting his stepson because the toddler was jumping on the bed, authorities say.

Three-Year-Old Shot Dead

Dominic Tra’Juan Castro, three, died on Wednesday morning after he was shot in the back of the head.

George Coty Wayman, 18, faces a charge of capital murder.

The incident happened on Tuesday afternoon in a trailer home in the tiny town of Bellevue.

Police were initially told that Dominic had caused the gun to discharge when he accidentally landed on it while jumping on the bed, reports KDFX-TV.

Upon further investigation, however, it emerged that Wayman had pointed the gun at the boy and told him he would shoot him if he didn’t stop jumping on the bed, Clay County Sheriff Kenny Lemons told CBS News.

After Dominic ignored the warning, Wayman allegedly opened fire.

The arrest warrant states: “Investigators interviewed eyewitnesses in the bedroom at the time of this incident and have determined that Wayman is the individual that pointed and discharged the handgun that caused the death of the victim.”

The accused is in custody at Clay County Jail with bail set at half a million dollars, according to the Dallas Morning News.

Tony Williams
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