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The Worlds Most Creative Signage

Think about Las Vegas, and you think about elaborate and attractive signage. Think about that local bar that you went into last week, and the funny chalkboard outside that you instagrammed. In both cases the signage has achieved its aimed-for result. The point of business or school signs is to distinguish a business, drawing attention to its premises whilst also engaging with the customer. Think of it as a combination of interior design and advertising.


The best signage will act as a constant promotional tool, whilst also in some cases becoming an attraction in its own right. Here are a few of the most creative signage projects in the world, and what you can learn from them.

Hollywood Sign

The Hollywood Sign was never meant to be such a permanent fixture in the LA landscape. The sign was originally put up in 1923 in order to advertise local property, but it became famous in the golden age of hollywood movies. In 1978 the sign became the more recognisable and well-kept feature that you see today.

And today the sign is an attraction in itself. It has evolved beyond being a simple signifier of a location or service. It is now synonymous with the movie business as a whole, and is one of the many attractions that brings people to the city every day. This is a great example of a time in which signage has been changed over time and adapted to the needs of the moment, whilst still remaining iconic and important.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas has gone a step further and made its signage a city-wide attraction. Attractive and lavish signage is the cornerstone of the entertainment and gambling industry. And in Las Vegas there is so much competition that the night sky is alight with monumental signs at every juncture. When people now think about Las Vegas they think of he signage before they even think of the act of gambling.

This is another great example of fantastic signage developing over time, with companies such as Encore Image sign company in Ontario CA leading the way. In Las Vegas this idea has been taken to heart with one of the most creative environments for signage in the world.

Times Square

Times Square is the perfect example of the creative commodification of signage. When people visit New York they now willingly go to a space that advertises to them, precisely because of its immensity. The huge screens are in such close proximity to the stores that they are advertising that they are more closely aligned to signage than traditional advertising. They act as directions for any visiting tourist, and they are a case study in interactive design. There are now cameras that allow you to appear on screen alongside all of the products. This is perhaps the most successful example of signage moving with the times, remaining attractive to many generations. For each passing group, Times Square has been the beating heart of New York City.

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