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Securing the Military Bases of the United States

The protection of United States military bases is a very difficult and important job. It has never been more important because of the many terrorist threats that exist in the world today. Therefore, the newest and most advanced technology is being used by the military in an effort to protect the brave men and women who risk their lives to maintain the freedom of the United States. There are a variety of contractors that are responsible for developing technology to defend military bases from intruders. Here are some devices that are utilized for the purpose of securing the military bases of the United States.

Securing the Military Bases of the United States

1. Infrared monitoring devices

It is crucial to know exactly what is inside every vehicle that enters a military facility. Unfortunately, there are many places where people or contraband can be hidden. This is especially true in very large trucks. However, the use of infrared monitoring devices makes it much easier to identify any hidden people or items before they enter the complex where they can become a threat. They are able to use infrared technology to locate any heat that is possibly being created by a person who is trying to secretly get into the base. You will also find infrared monitoring devices in use at the borders of various countries.

2. Barriers

There are a wide range of barriers that are used for the security of military bases. These are necessary because there is a risk of suicide bombers trying to drive explosives onto a base. Gibraltar barriers and security products are among the most popular versions of these devices that the military currently uses. Basically, the purpose of these barriers is very simple. They are designed to prevent a very large vehicle from being able to ram its way through a gate or fencing in order to get into a military base. These are sometimes referred to as anti-ram barriers. The same type of barriers can also be found at many important government and high security buildings in foreign countries. The barriers are able to be easily moved to allow the entry of vehicles that have been granted the proper access to the facility. They are able to withstand the force of a very large truck coming directly at them at full speed.

3. Fencing

It is also imperative that all United States military bases have strong fencing surrounding the entire perimeter. There are many different types of fencing that can be used for this purpose. Fencing that protects military bases is also designed with the idea of preventing enemy vehicles from being able to easily crash through them and break them down. These fences are almost impossible to climb because it would be very difficult to use a person’s feet and hands to grab a hold of it. Barbed wire is also frequently installed at the top of the fence as another deterrent against people trying to climb it. Electricity is also used in combination with these fences in some cases.

4. Detectors of radiation

These are used to let military personnel know if any radioactive materials are within a certain range of the base. It is important to have advance warning in situations like this. Therefore, these devices can detect radiation that is a significant distance away from the base. This gives the personnel time to take action.

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