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Road Safety: A Cause For Concern?

The roads, in the US, are deemed to be more dangerous than ever. While they was talk about investing in the roads, little has been done throughout the course of 2014. As the year draws to a close, many people are concerned about the state of the roads in the US. Are they really a cause for concern?


With over 40,000 auto accidents on US roads alone, people are becoming concerned with road safety.  More people being killed under the age of 34. With this in mind, it seems that people are becoming more concerned with issues that surround this matter.

The Rise in Personal Injury Claims

More people are seeking the services of a car accident attorney or personal injury attorneys for car accidents. It seems that there is a rise of auto issues on our roads. There has been a sharp increase in people seeking out personal injury cases. The services of a pedestrian accidents lawyer are used to help ensure that compensation is attained in the event of an accident. With more and more people using this service, it seems that there is a problem with our roads. Safety is becoming more of a concern. While personal injury specialists are happy to help, it can be difficult to manage an increasing caseload. But, aside from seeking compensation, there needs to be other calls to action.

The Most Dangerous Times to Be on the Road

It is suggested that there are over 110 people per day killed in auto accidents. The US roads are apparently becoming more of a danger. But, there needs to be an awareness of incidents and hot spots so that drivers can become more vigilant while they drive. The most dangerous times to be on the road are on Saturday mornings. What is more, snow is not the primary cause of crashes. It is night times. Driving in dangerous conditions has become commonplace. With this, it seems that people are forgetting that they are putting themselves at risk.


Issues regarding speeding have come under fire too. In the US, there seems to be a lack of awareness of speeding like there is in Europe. Over 30% of deaths are attributed to speeding. This shocking statistic suggests that there should be a call for education. This education should focus on matters of speeding and the consequences of these actions.

It’s Time to Focus on Safety

Experts, throughout the length and breadth of the US, have called for people to think about their actions before they drive. Adhering to simple safety procedures ensures that people are safe on the roads. Wearing a seat belt is vital. But, being vigilant is imperative too. Most car accidents are caused by negligence, not a failure with cars. It’s time to start focusing on driving and education surrounding the issues. Keep in mind that coordinating a collision repair with your insurance carrier should be the first priority following an accident.

What Happens Next?

Experts have called for the US Government to take hard line tactics with those that don’t adhere to the rules of the road. Legislation, it seems, is the key to ensuring that people are taking road safety seriously. Lobbyists are petitioning for driving restrictions on those that are repeatedly offending on the roads. Now, it seems, is the time to take action.

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