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More Clashes In Milwaukee After Police Shoot Dead Black Man

One person was shot during further clashes in the US city of Milwaukee following the killing of a black man by police. An armoured vehicle was used by officers to pick up the injured victim and take him to hospital.

More Clashes In Milwaukee

Police in riot gear confronted a crowd of around 150 people on Sunday night, close to the scene of the previous day’s fatal shooting.

Bottles and rocks were thrown at officers, while shots were also fired.

Several businesses were also set on fire.

Four officers were hurt in the clashes and there were 17 arrests.

It followed violent unrest on Saturday night, during which a petrol station and police car were set alight.

Meanwhile, further details are emerging of the fatal shooting which triggered the protests.

Authorities said 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot after he turned towards an officer, who was also black, with a gun in his hand.

Police chief Edward Flynn said based on the silent video from the unidentified officer’s body camera, he “certainly appeared to be within lawful bounds”.

He said Smith ran “a few dozen feet” and turned towards the officer while holding a gun.

“It was in his hand. He was raising up with it,” he added.

The officer told Smith to drop the weapon but he had failed to do so, the police chief said.

Mayor Tom Barrett said a still image pulled from the footage clearly showed a gun in Smith’s hand as he fled after his vehicle was pulled over by police on Saturday.

“I want our community to know that,” Mr Barrett said.

But he added: “A young man lost his life yesterday afternoon. And no matter what the circumstances are, his family has to be hurting.”

Smith’s sister said the family wanted prosecutors to charge the officer who shot him.

Milwaukee alderman Khalif Rainey, who represents the community where the violence flared, said the city’s black residents were “tired of living under this oppression”.

The unrest is the latest in a series of disturbances to hit US cities, including Baton Rouge, Dallas, and Ferguson, Missouri, following fatal police shootings of black men.

Police in Milwaukee have also previously been at the centre of controversy after an officer shot dead Dontre Hamilton, a mentally ill black man, in 2014.

Tony Williams
Tony Williams
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