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Jim Gilmore Launches Bid For White House

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore has entered the crowded race for the US presidency.He joins the 16 other Republicans vying for the White House.

Jim Gilmore Launches

Although he intends to officially announce his campaign in August, he filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday.

It is unclear whether Mr Gilmore will join the other Republicans in a series of forums on Fox News next week.

The top 10 candidates, based on national poll results, will appear in the main debate, but Fox News will air an earlier forum featuring the remaining candidates.

Based on recent polling, Mr Gilmore is unlikely to qualify for the main debate.

A former army intelligence officer, Mr Gilmore served as Virginia governor for one term from 1998 to 2002.

He briefly ran for president in 2007, but his campaign folded after it failed to raise enough money and support in early primary races.

Mr Gilmore told the Richmond Times-Dispatch earlier this month that his campaign will focus on foreign policy issues.

“I don’t think we’re addressing the threat to the country,” Mr Gilmore told the Times-Dispatch. “I bring to the table experience that others don’t have.”

2016 runners and riders

  • The early Republican frontrunner is Donald Trump
  • Hillary Clinton will have learnt much from her failed campaign of 2008
  • Florida senator Marco Rubio lost some right-wing fans by backing a bipartisan immigration reform package
  • Wisconsin governor Scott Walker appeals to both the Republican establishment and the Tea Party
  • Libertarian Rand Paul has his supporters – and enemies – among Republicans
  • Veteran congressman Bernie Sanders is running as a Democrat despite never formally being part of the party
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