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Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About America’s Oil

As a country, America has been exceptionally reliant on oil for many years. However, most people know little about the industry or where the product originates. With that in mind, today seems like the perfect time to offer some facts and information. We are confident our readers will be surprised to hear that most of our essential fuel does not come from the Middle East. It will become apparent in a moment that the US is doing everything within their power to reduce their reliance on that part of the world.

  1. The largest percentage of oil used in America comes from our Canadian cousins. Drilling for oil in Canada started in the early 1900s. By 1950, the country had become one of the world’s oil giants. They now supply around 28% of all the fuel we use each year.
  2. While reliance on the Middle East is decreasing, Saudi Arabia still provides around 13% of the oil used in America. That isn’t so bad though because our governments have a good relationship. So, there is little chance of there being issues with that supply any time soon.
  3. Mexico and Venezuela combined supply just over 19% of the oil consumed in the United States. That is handy because transporting the substance in much easier from those countries. It is hoped that the US will buy more South American oil in the future to help avoid more conflicts in the Arab world.

Having learned some interesting facts about America’s oil supply, we hope you now have a more accurate perception of the situation. Take a quick look at the infographic if you want to find out more.


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