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Identity Theft is America’s Greatest Security Concern

What do you think people worry about the most when it comes to their safety? The University of Phoenix has conducted a survey to find out. According to the survey, Americans are more concerned about cybersecurity than any other threat. Harris Poll surveyed over 2,000 people in August 2014. They conducted the survey for the University of Phoenix College of Criminal Justice and Security. They asked the survey’s respondents which security threats concerned them most. They also asked which threats concerned them more now than they did five years ago. To both questions, more people gave the answer of cybersecurity more than anything else.

Identity TheftHarris Poll conducted the survey online, which may have some effect on the results. 70 percent of survey respondents stated that identity theft was among their greatest concerns. And 61 percent highlighted personal cybersecurity. Terrorism concerned 55 percent of respondents. 47 percent said neighborhood crime was on their list of concerns. 44 percent of respondents worry about natural disasters. And 31 percent named organizational security, including corporate cybercrime.

There has been a wide range of identity theft protection services and advice available recently. But many people’s concerns have grown. When it came to threats for which people’s concerns have grown, even national security beat both identity theft and personal cybersecurity. Only 12 percent of Americans feel more secure than they did five years ago. 41 percent feel as secure. But almost half, 47 percent, feel less secure.

Electronic security breach was among the list of concerns for security in the workplace. The survey asked respondents to rate their workplace security. They chose from “completely/very prepared” to “not at all prepared”. One issue was electronic security breaches and data theft. 44 percent thought that their workplace was completely prepared. A further 39 percent thought they were somewhat prepared.

These statistics show that people worry about personal cybersecurity. But adults are less concerned about cybercrime at work. This suggests that people may have more confidence in their workplace to prevent cybercrime. But they aren’t as confident in their own abilities to do so. Americans could be less concerned about their safety at work because they share less personal info. After all, they don’t do their personal banking or make online purchases at work. But working Americans believe that their company can deal with electronic security breaches.

The survey reveals the respondents’ concerns about security. But this may not answer the question of how confident they feel about dealing with these problems. For example, identity theft might concern someone. But they could feel that they take the correct precautions to avoid it as much as possible. The issue is high on people’s lists of security concerns. It’s imperative that they learn how to protect themselves and their data online. People should stay educated on the topic and keep up with the latest developments.

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