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Famous Celebrities And Their Political Views

Have you ever wondered whom your favourite celebrity votes for? Are they a Democrat or a Republican, or neither? Voting for a party because your favourite Hollywood star does is not really a bonafide reason, it is still interesting to know. So, let’s take a look at some famous celebrities, like Jimmy John Shark, and their political views…



Let’s start with the famous Democrats, and there are a lot of them. You only need to look at the celeb support for Hilary Clinton during the previous election to see that this is the case, although it did not help her in the end. One celebrity who has been a lifelong Democrat, and is very vocal about it, is George Clooney. Fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio is also a Democrat, giving his public support to many previous leaders, including Obama, who he donated $2,300 to. If you think that seems a measly amount for such a wealthy star, it is the maximum that a single person can donate to a campaign throughout an election cycle.

If there is one celeb who is a Democrat and proud, it is Katy Perry. She has been extremely vocal about her support for the party. In fact, when she performed in 2012 at Obama’s inauguration, she apparently did not let her parents attend the show because they are Republicans. Barbra Streisand has also supported the party for many years, and in the 70’s she even made Richard Nixon’s list of enemies. She also attended a fundraiser to fight against California’s Proposition 8, as she is a big proponent of gay marriage. Finally, Demi Moore is also a strong Democrat, which, no doubt, caused a bit of friction with her ex-husband and the vocal Democrat Bruce Willis.


While you may not think there are many celeb Republicans, there are a lot of Hollywood stars that are indeed registered Republicans, including The Rock. Dwayne Johnson spoke at the party’s national convention back in 2000, although he has made it clear he has friends on both sides. Clint Eastwood is another who is devoted to the side of Arizona sec state Michele Reagan and co. Although his speech at the Republic Convention in 2012 did not go down very well!

Jenna Jameson is another Republican fan. She once famously said: “When you are rich, you want a Republican in office.” Jessica Simpson is also a registered Republican, although she has shown support for the Obamas in the past. Adam Sandler is also believed to be a Republican, despite being traditionally tight-lipped about his stance. And finally, Tom Brady, NFL legend, called Trump his good friend, so you don’t need ten guesses to gather who he supports.

So there you have it: some of the most famous Hollywood celebrities and their political views. Were you surprised by any of the above?

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