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Deadly Shootout at New Mexico Motorcycle Rally

Three men were killed in a violent shootout between rival outlaw biker gangs at a motorcycle rally in Red River, New Mexico. Authorities are investigating the incident as the culmination of a previous altercation in Albuquerque. Find out more about the victims, the charges, and the community's response.

Three men lost their lives in a tragic shootout that erupted at a motorcycle rally in Red River, New Mexico, over the weekend. Law enforcement authorities have now disclosed that the violence stemmed from a prior altercation between rival outlaw biker gangs in Albuquerque. The clash involved the Bandidos and the Waterdogs, resulting in three additional bikers facing charges, two of whom sustained injuries during the exchange of gunfire.

The victims have been identified as Anthony Silva (26), Damian Breaux (46), and Randy Sanchez (46), each affiliated with different motorcycle gangs. While two individuals were declared dead at the scene, the third tragically succumbed to his injuries at a local hospital. New Mexico State Police Chief Tim Johnson released their identities while announcing the investigation.

Jacob Castillo (30), who is currently hospitalized, is set to face an open count of murder once he is released. Another suspect, Matthew Charles Jackson (39) from Austin, Texas, is being charged with unlawfully carrying a firearm inside a liquor establishment. Furthermore, Christopher Garcia (41), who received medical treatment, has been arrested on suspicion of cocaine possession.

Although the names of the three injured individuals, who also belong to motorcycle gangs, have not been disclosed, the State Police have reassured the community that there is no immediate threat to their safety. The incident took place during the 41st annual Red River Memorial Motorcycle Rally, drawing thousands of biking enthusiasts to the area. As part of the ongoing investigation, Main Street has been temporarily closed to the public.

Expressing her deep sorrow, Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun emphasized that this was the first instance of such violence in the town’s history. She commended the swift response of law enforcement, with the first State Police officer arriving at the scene within a mere 30 seconds. The injured bikers were promptly transported to hospitals in Denver, Albuquerque, and Taos for urgent medical care.

Albuquerque Police Chief Harold Medina, coincidentally present in Red River at the time, had shared online photographs of himself and his wife enjoying their time before the shootout unfolded. In retrospect, he conveyed a sense of helplessness, describing the frustration of being unable to intervene as law enforcement secured the area.

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the pervasive issue of gun violence affecting communities across New Mexico. The ongoing investigation aims to reconstruct the events leading up to the deadly clash between the rival biker gangs, shedding light on the underlying causes and potential preventive measures moving forward.

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