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Breaking Bark: US Walnut Tree Theft On The Rise

This story might sound a little odd, but according to sources, there is an epidemic sweeping the US. In a country, where theft is a common problem, there is a new commodity that thieves are stealing. For a long time, people had to worry about whether their homes would be safe, but now they should focus on whether their trees are secure. Rather than breaking into people’s homes to take secondhand goods, people are now taking trees. Normally, you would have to call professionals and schedule a tree removal when you needed one. You can look for the best tree services in Portland, Oregon; they know the safest way to remove trees. But now it seems thieves are able to do this and get away. These thieves are not interested in any old tree – they are all after the rare walnut tree that grows in America. The trend started in Franklin County, where a full official investigation is currently underway.

Walnut Tree

Much of the time, thieves steal the trees so that they can make money to fuel their drug habits. As you know, there is a growing drug problem in America. Crime has for a long time been a means of getting money for drugs, and so it is no wonder that this latest problem has a strong link with it. The drugs culture in the region has grown a lot over the last twenty years. Now, there are more homeless people than ever taking drugs on the streets. That fact has meant that crime rates have risen to suit people’s need for drugs.

You might question why walnut trees would be so popular. Well, the truth of the matter is that these trees can fetch a high price on the black market. Over the last five years, interior designers have begun using walnut wood in many of their pieces. That means that both stores and factories will pay big bucks for the precious wood. In fact, some sources suggest that a single log of walnut wood can go for an asking price of around $10,000. That means that there is a big business for this material.

At the moment, the police have caught around fifty people in connection with the crime spree. Some of the people have used bail bonds to get out of custody, but will still face charges if there is enough evidence. The officials are still looking for many suspects in connection with the spree. Many believe that these people are not acting on an individual basis, but that they are part of a wider group of criminals. If the officials can uncover a ring of dealers, it means that the problem may be bigger than they first thought.

Much of the time, the criminals steal cars and trucks so that they can get the logs. They invade private or state land to find trees, which they know they can sell for a massive profit. After they have cut down the trees and taken the logs, they tend to discard of the cars somewhere. This pattern has been an ongoing trend for the last few months, and the officials have concerns that it is growing over time. If thieves cut down the trees on state land, they are likely to face serious charges. The land owners may need stump grinding services to remove the stump from their yard.

So, what can you do to protect your land? With this rising problem, it is crucial that we all play our part. The police are suggesting the usual safety measures. You should, of course, make sure that you have security cameras in your yard, as well as gates at the front of your driveway. You might also want to invest in a sophisticated alarm system for your house so that you can protect it from intruders. If you see anything out of the ordinary in your areas, the officials say that you should get in touch with them as soon as possible.

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