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America’s Top Thriving Industries In 2015

American industry has seen some pretty troubling times over the last few years. Ever since the global financial crisis became a problem on our shores, thousands of companies have gone bust and disappeared forever. However, it’s important to note that things are getting back on track slowly. We’ve been in touch with some of the country’s top experts to find out which industries are thriving in 2015. Some of them are new and growing fast; others have been around for a while. They all have one thing in common though. Companies operating within these fields are making a fortune in profit.

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Peer to peer lending solutions

We all know how difficult it can be for the average citizen to get a loan these days. Peer to peer lending platforms have been set up to allow private individuals to lend any spare cash they hold. Through specialist websites, anyone can get the funding they require at a rate they agree upon. Out of all the newest industries in the US today, that one is creating the highest profits for companies involved. That is because they don’t have to risk a penny. Citizens are lending to other citizens, and the companies are simply taking a commission. Not a bad business model, is it?

Steel industry

The steel industry suffered a significant downturn in 2007. However, it has now bounced back, and it is stronger than ever before. Lincoln Electric products are flying off the shelves at the moment as more people find work in that field. American steel has always been the backbone of our economy, and so it is good to see the industry is still playing a prominent role.

Internet marketing

Many small business owners are now taking their operation online. So, it should come as no surprise that thousands of internet marketing firms have appeared during the last few years. Indeed, it is the second fastest growing new industry in the US. Some of the companies involved might focus their efforts in niche aspects of marketing and advertising, but most of them perform the same basic function. They help business owners to achieve higher levels of success online by creating social media campaigns and dealing with all other aspects of promotion. Many of the best companies also handle SEO and other technical stuff.

Real estate

House prices have been rising for quite some time, and so you would be forgiven for thinking the real estate industry would suffer. However, that is not the case. Thanks to increased investment, construction companies are building more new homes than ever before. That is pushing the industry forward. Anyone who wants to make a killing in the next year could benefit from become a real estate agent. Will the industry continue to grow as we move past 2016? Nobody can know for sure.

As you can see, many US industries are thriving at the current time. We hope the success stories we’ve just relayed help to stabilize our economy in the near future. While things are looking better than they once were, we are not out of the woods yet. Let’s hope everything goes well during the next twelve months.

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