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5 Astonishing Statistics About Drunk Driving

Drunk driving is a serious problem in the United States. It is estimated that 300,000 drive drunk every day across the country. However, less than 4,000 are arrested. It has become a culture for many. This is particularly true in areas of the country where public transport is not readily available. This, of course, is no excuse, but it helps explain the high levels of deaths in isolated states.

Drunk Driving

Most people will know someone who has been involved in a drunk driving incident. Many of us will have driven drunk. It’s easy to convince yourself that you’re okay to drive. It was only two beers, right? Even a small amount of alcohol can reduce your reactions significantly. It causes a risk to yourself and others on the road. Alongside gun-crime, it’s one of America’s biggest unnecessary killers. These startling facts show the severity of drink driving.

28 people die every day from drunk driving

A further 300,000 are injured every year too. That’s more than one death every hour through reckless drunk driving. The sadness is that it is completely avoidable.

North Dakota has the highest fatality rate

When looking at all the states, North Dakota is the worst offender. Although a DUI lawyer in Tampa is kept pretty busy (50,000 DUI tickets were issued in Florida last year), North Dakota takes the crown. The state also has the highest beer consumption in the entire country. This proves that there is a direct correlation. Unfortunately, North Dakota is one of the most lenient states, arresting only 5,000 last year. That’s the 11th lowest DUI arrest rate in the country. Low arrests and high alcohol consumption makes for a bad cocktail.

The average drunk driver has driven under the influence 80 times before arrest

This shocking statistic shows how deep the problem is. It proves that drunk drivers (in general) have little regard for the laws or safety. Drink driving is not a one-time thing. it is an ingrained culture for many. It also displays the wildly ineffective practice of apprehending drunk drivers. If someone can get away with driving drunk 80 times before being caught, then it’s not being policed properly.

Taxi service Uber has helped decrease the DUI rate in cities

In one of DUI’s strangest statistics, there is proof that a reliable taxi service can help lower the DUI rate. Uber has monitored statistics in major cities like Seattle and Chicago and noticed a drop in DUI rates. All since they started running their service. Instead of taking the risk and driving, people are willing to pay for the taxi home. It’s good evidence to show that cities should invest in public transport and taxi services.

Remember, it takes an hour to absorb one drink…

… After you’ve stopped drinking. If you’ve had a particularly heavy night, it will be hours before you are safe to drive. Let’s say you managed to drink ten pints last night. Maybe you stopped drinking at 2am. You are not safe to drive until at least lunchtime the following day. Many get up in the morning and drive the kids to school like there’s nothing wrong.

It doesn’t take much to be over the drink drive limit. And the effects take hours to wear off. Don’t add to these horrifying statistics. You won’t get away with it. Eventually drink drivers will be involved in a crash, and it could be fatal.


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