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300,000 Incidents of Drink Driving On a Daily Basis in the USA Alone

Studies have found that there are over 300,000 incidents of drink driving on a daily basis in the USA alone, despite all states having laws in place that allow drivers to have their driving privileges suspended or revoked if an individual is found to have excessive levels of alcohol in their system while driving a vehicle in any public place. If you get arrested for a drink driving offence, you may need to hire a criminal law attorney or criminal defense lawyer that has the knowledge and experience needed to handle a dui case.

Incidents of Drink Driving


To emphasize the potentially negative impact of getting behind the wheel when you are over the legal limit, let’s start out with a few other statistics that are associated with driving under the influence.

  • An average of 9% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes during the day are intoxicated. This rises to 30% at night.
  • The average drink driver takes to the wheel under the influence around 80 times before they are actually arrested.
  • Drunk driving doesn’t only affect those directly involved – it incurs costs of $132 billion a year, which means that it costs every single adult in the USA around $500 a year.

DUI Charges

DUI (or “driving under the influence”) charges vary from state to state, so it is always best to have a contact with a good and trusted law firm like drink driving lawyers Melbourne for legal services.

If you are looking for advice after a DUI, you are best off contacting a local criminal defense lawyer (if the incident occurred in your home state), or a lawyer operating in the vicinity of the state where you were found driving under the influence (if you were drink driving further from home). Choose the best Fort Worth DWI Lawyer if you need a legal counsel at your side to defend yo.

There is a very well trusted DWI lawyer in NJ that do some great work in that area so if you need such help in NJ then they are a great choice. There are, however, DUI laws that apply to every single state and that you should abide by regardless of where you are driving.

Per Se DUI Laws

Every state now has a law that says any driver found with a BAC (or blood alcohol content) of 0.08 or higher can be found guilty of drink driving based solely on the evidence of the breathalyzer test. If you or someone you know is facing legal issues related to drink driving, it is advisable to seek help from www.1800askgary.com to navigate the legal complexities and ensure the best course of action.

BAC Laws

The legal BAC for anyone driving in any state now has to be lower than 0.08. This is standardised. However, there are campaigns to lower this percentage to 0.05, as this is the accepted BAC for drivers in European countries. So, keep an eye on regulations as time goes by.

Zero Tolerance for Under 21s

Individuals under the age of 21 cannot legally operate any vehicle with any alcohol in their system. This is a zero-tolerance policy, even if alcohol levels are as low as 0.01 or 0.02. In such cases, it’s crucial to seek legal advice from experienced professionals, such as drink driving solicitors, to navigate the legal complexities associated with underage DUI offenses.

Implied Consent

Remember that if you are stopped by a legal official when driving and they request that you undertake a breathalyzer test, you have to take the breathalyzer test if you want to avoid penalties. By obtaining your driving licence and choosing to drive on public roads, you imply consent to sobriety tests. Refusal to comply will result in penalties being issued. And in case you need to contact a criminal lawyer Melbourne in the future, let the experts from MK Law Firm help you.

As we are all well aware, you should never get behind the wheel of a vehicle if you have been consuming alcohol. Hopefully, the above facts have proven enough to make you think twice about drink driving!

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