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15 Compelling Reasons Why Legalizing Marijuana Is Such A Good Idea

Marijuana is a hot topic these days, especially in the United States. It would seem that opinion is still divided over whether it should become fully legal or not.


There is a strong case for both sides of the arguments as one can imagine. But, it seems these days there is a stronger case for the “pro” camp.

So, why would legalizing marijuana be such a good idea? Here are 15 compelling reasons to consider:

  1. Prohibition is pointless

The government’s approach on something bad is to ban it from use and punish those that make or sell it. In the grand scheme of things, marijuana is perhaps the least dangerous of all narcotics.

Trying to prevent it from getting used in the country is more dangerous than legalizing it. Why? Drug lords and gangs are often fighting for territory to sell marijuana. People often get caught trying to smuggle small amounts in the country for personal use. It just seems like a waste of the government’s time and resources.

  1. Marijuana is better controlled if it’s made legal

It’s a well-known fact that the illicit trade of illegal items can cost lives. Violence and murder often get associated with gang activity. But, what if marijuana became legal? There would be no reason to try and be seedy about one’s operations.

The growth and sale of marijuana would mean death from gang-related activity decreases. The government would have a better handle on the manufacture and sale of marijuana. It works for countries like the Netherlands. And the legalization of medical marijuana is working for the United States.

  1. A useful way to collect extra tax revenue

There’s no denying the government has a big financial deficit to cover. With so many marijuana users in the country, they can offer an extra source of tax revenue. That would mean extra money to pay for new housing, health care services, and schools.

Marijuana can get taxed just like any other product or service sold in the country. The difference to customers would be negligible. After all; they already pay a premium to get their marijuana from local drug dealers. They could even pay less despite the tax levy on what they buy!

  1. Racial prejudice can decrease

The sad truth is that many non-white people get arrested on marijuana-related charges. As one can imagine, this bias can increase racial tensions in communities.

If marijuana got legalized, minority groups would face a lower risk of getting arrested. In the United States, black people account for more than 25% of all marijuana-related arrests.

There are many examples in the media of how marijuana laws can’t get enforced well to minorities. That’s why it makes sense to legalize marijuana and promote better racial equality.

  1. Legalized marijuana would mean fewer teenage users

That may sound like a somewhat controversial statement to make. At present, teenagers have a financial incentive by selling illegal marijuana to their friends.

If it got legalized in the country, it would get treated the same way as alcohol and tobacco. In other words, there wouldn’t be much incentive to sell it if they could buy it legally anyway.

As a result, the use of marijuana would decline among the younger population. In a way, that would also lower the risk of teenagers going on to harder drugs. That’s because teenagers are more susceptible to peer pressure than adults.

  1. A new industry of marijuana products would appear

If marijuana were to get legalized, something else interesting would happen. We would soon see an array of marijuana products on offer at retail locations and online!

Examples might include food items and products to help in their preparation. A new, growing industry that is legal would help boost the country’s economy. And that can only be a good thing! Especially for the jobless, as there would be more job prospects out there.

  1. Less money would go to criminal gangs

One of the battles that all countries around the world face is the constant flow of money to criminal gangs. It’s no secret that drugs gangs operate in virtually all countries around the world.

So, what would happen if marijuana were to get legalized? The answer is simple. Those criminal gangs would see a big dent in their profits. After all; why buy marijuana from a drug dealer when you can get it legally from a retail store?

  1. Other industries would enjoy the legalization of marijuana

One of the by-products of marijuana legalization is the positive impact on other industries. For instance, the transport industry would see growth as more goods that have to get shipped. The property industry would also see growth, especially in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Internet-based business will also enjoy growth too. Retailers of marijuana products would need websites and e-commerce facilities to sell items online. Let’s face it; if we can order a pizza online, why not marijuana too?

  1. The development of hemp would increase in the country

Many countries in Europe have already pledged support for legal hemp cultivation. After all; it’s an important agricultural commodity. Because the United States outlaws marijuana at a federal level, hemp cultivation is futile.

Hemp is fast becoming an important way to develop biofuels, for example. Not to mention the fact it helps to decrease carbon emissions. Even the clothing industry can make use of hemp. Its cultivation would help develop new and existing ways to lead a greener life in the United States.

  1. Marijuana is safer than alcohol

You might not think it, but studies have shown marijuana is a safer “vice” than alcohol! First of all, it’s impossible to have a marijuana overdose. Second, it’s not toxic like alcohol. One is far more likely to die of alcohol poisoning than something related to marijuana.

It’s also important to note marijuana isn’t as addictive as alcohol and tobacco. The problem with outlawing marijuana is that users of it get treated harshly. More so than those that consume alcohol and tobacco.

  1. Marijuana has mild side effects

If you drink too much alcohol in your life, you’re likely to damage your liver and die a painful death. If you smoke tobacco, you greatly increase your chances of getting a variety of cancers. So what happens if you’re a regular marijuana user?

Some people don’t realize that marijuana boasts an array of medicinal effects. That’s why medical marijuana is legal in many states across the U.S.! It’s a well-known fact that it can help to treat many ailments and painful conditions. Alcohol and tobacco do no such thing.

  1. There would be less burden on the justice system

The police in all states make hundreds of thousands of marijuana-related arrests. Many individuals get sent to jail for growing or selling the drug. If marijuana became legal to grow, use and sell, there would be a positive outcome for the legal system.

It can concentrate its resources on other areas, making the country safer for everyone. That means your tax dollars get better spent. There would also be fewer crimes committed that are linked to marijuana (see point 7).

  1. There wouldn’t be a social stigma attached to marijuana

Legalizing marijuana would also do one other thing. It would remove the social stigma that gets attached to it. These days, marijuana is something of a taboo subject for many people.

It’s a well-known fact that most people have consumed marijuana at some point in their lives. Yet they fail to talk about it in a more positive light. They see it as something that is “bad”!

There are many positive effects that marijuana can provide. Sure, it’s a good recreational drug. But, it also helps people deal with painful medical conditions too.

  1. Adults can moderate their use of marijuana

Addictions are a sad fact of life. Many people get addicted to hard drugs, alcohol and tobacco. As one can imagine, the effects of those addictions can sometimes result in fatalities.

The good news with marijuana is that adults can regulate their use of the drug. That means there is no harmful impact on society or the environment around them. This is why many people prefer marijuana to things like alcohol and tobacco.

  1. It could improve relations with other countries

We all know that marijuana can only get cultivated under certain conditions. Parts of the United States are ideal for cultivating marijuana plants.

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