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Your Tryst with Nature in India

Adventure has grown from simple travel to the art of exploring and maybe even experiencing life in an unknown terrain and an unusual lifestyle. Adventure Camps in India take you to the most remote corners of the country – into the lap of nature and amidst unimagined beauty. An excuse for discovery and introspection, adventure camping can be much more than just visiting new places. Here is list of some of the best adventure camps in India, although the same is not an exhaustive one.

Adventure spots in India

Sangla Valley Camp 

Perched atop in the Kinnaur District of Himachal Pradesh, Sangla is a quaint and charming town in the Baspa Valley. A popular destination for adventure lovers, the treks in this region are a delight to take up. The valley is protected by majestic mountains and decorated with the picturesque Baspa River – the kind of landscape that inspires writers and artists. Adventure activities like rock climbing and rappelling are sure to keep your adrenalin levels high!

Watermark Camp 

The Watermark Camp is an adventure that is not to be missed. It is located on the banks of the highest salt water lake in the world – the Pangong Lake. You will be able to witness the changing colours of the lake – an unusual and exhilarating experience. This 150km long lake will give you the perfect setting to unwind and rejuvenate. You could also enjoy stunning views of the Changchenmo range – an added attraction in one the best adventure camps in India.

Kareri Lake Camp 

Your chance to get closer with Mother Nature lies in the Kareri Lake Camp – a beautiful and cozy setup along the banks of the Kareri Lake. There is no road or route across the river and the same has to be crossed by foot. A stay at these camps will acquaint you with exotic confier plantations besides other flora and fauna that is rare to find.

Hill climbing

Camp Potters Hill 

Get away from the chaos of the civilized world and live in the midst of a jungle for an experience of a lifetime. Acquaint yourself with exotic species of plants and flora or indulge in a few adventure activities like trekking, rafting or air gun shooting! This adventure camp will be a treat to your senses.

Dubare Elephant Camp 

An unmatched experience is in store for you at the Dubare Elephant Camp, where these big mammals are nurtured and cared for. This isn’t like any other camp you have been to. You can learn of the life and lifestyle of elephants, feed and bathe them and even enjoy an elephant ride. Be sure to find a friend in these surprisingly obedient and happy animals.

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