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Why Suffolk is an Amazing Place to Live

Some people have recently, and rather rudely, declared Suffolk as a somewhat sleepy place to live. For the locals of Suffolk, they have been outraged at their beloved home town being ridiculed in this way. Suffolk, they have stated, is the best place to live within the UK. Here is why.

A Suffolk sunset

Suffolk, once the adopted home of legend John Peel, boasts that it offers a full quality of life to its 86,000 residents. Suffolk is renowned for having a better quality of life than anywhere else within the UK. So, for those that have bemoaned that it is sleepy, they couldn’t be more wrong. Rural Britain has a plethora of benefits to offer all. If you are looking at relocating, forget the urban culture of London, it is Suffolk that you want to be seeking.

Statistically, residents of Suffolk enjoy longer, happier and healthier lives. The sunshine shines more than it does anywhere else in the country, and the burglary rate is low. For those that want to be happy, tanned and remain unscathed by theft then the only choice is Suffolk. You will be happier if you move there.

What is more, the property in prices in Suffolk and the surrounding regions are cheap when compared with the rising costs of housing around the rest of the UK. Suffolk, it seems, has it all. Estate agents in Beccles have a wide range of large, affordable properties to be enjoyed by all. Is there anything that Suffolk hasn’t got?

Suffolk has seen something of a resurgence in recent times due to the economic prosperity of Cambridge and Felixstowe. This is what economists have termed as a ripple effect, meaning that while these towns thrive, Suffolk also thrives. What is more, Suffolk is incredibly pretty and as such, it provides picture perfect views that many people have benefitted from, from tourists to residents of beautiful Suffolk alike. If you want to see picture book streets and villages, then Suffolk is the place for you.

Many people have seen the benefits of living in the country for themselves. They have heralded the positive impact that countryside living has had for them. Residents have stated they feel more comfortable living in a rural setting, away from the hustle and bustle of inner city life. After all, people do not want to live in the rat race forever. They want to enjoy their time and are doing so in Suffolk.

If you are interested in making a big move to the country, then there is a wealth of properties available within the district to suit all budgets and requirements. If you have always envisioned yourself living in a country pile, then Suffolk is the place to be. There is also a plethora of townhouses and terraced houses for those with smaller budgets. In short, the property market in Suffolk is both thriving and affordable, which making it an attractive prospect for the first time buyers and those that want to downsize in their later years.

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