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Which are the best countries for expats?

If you are thinking of moving abroad, then it is a fantastic and exciting time. As an expat, you and your family will have the chance to experience a new culture in a new country. Naturally, the one thing that you need to do is find the best countries to live in as an expat. This covers a variety of factors, from moving somewhere other expats live to living in somewhere that feels safe. Doing a bit of research into this will help you find the ideal country to move to with your whole family.

top expat countries

The best expat countries to live in

What are the best countries to move to and enjoy life as an expat? From those that see good average earnings to those with great education systems, the below are highly recommended:

  • Australia – this country is great for expats. The weather is usually sunny, and the way of life is very relaxed. Average expat earnings are around $100,000 here, which is also pretty good. With plenty of beaches, outdoor activities and expat communities, it is an enduringly popular destination.
  • Singapore – this destination constantly ranks highly for all the things that you need as an expat. The education system is awesome, which is great for families who move there. The real star of the show here is the international schools that you will find, with AIS (Australian International School) being a top choice. When you add in a very safe feel, great career opportunities, and many expats to meet with, the attraction is clear.
  • Norway – Scandinavia always ranks highly as a region, but Norway in particular is a great place to live. One of the main reasons is its very strong, stable economy, which is superb for forging a career. It also offers a very secure environment in which to raise a family.
  • The Netherlands – another area in Europe that has become popular with expats is Holland. This is a stunning-looking country, which is part of the reason why so many people move there. If you decide to move there, you can look forward to a very family-orientated country that puts children first. It also offers a very good life experience and way of living.
  • The UK – of course, the UK is still a great destination for expats. This country not only offers great schools and universities for your family but also superb employment opportunities. If you go to a major city, then it is also very diverse and a real mixing pot of cultures.

Choosing the right place is key

If you are thinking of making the move abroad, then it is crucial to make the correct choice. The countries listed above are among the best in the world to consider for their way of life, stable economies and emphasis on family life. If you have children, then finding the right kind of school will help your children settle and enjoy their new life. It is certainly an exciting decision to make, and with some planning, it will be an awesome new adventure for you all.

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