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The World’s Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations For Young Couples

Whether you’ve just started planning your wedding and you need to select the ideal honeymoon destination, or even if you simply want to treat your partner to the couples holiday of a lifetime, this year is definitely the best time to start making arrangements. All too often I see young lovers traveling to the same boring destinations and never really getting to explore the world. This is sad because there’s more to this planet than the Costa Del Sol and dodgy Only Fools & Horses repeats. When you’re young, it’s important that you get to experience other cultures and see people who have a different way of life to your own. This is the only way you’re able to decide whether your home country is really the ideal place for you to live. Who knows, you might even find Luxury High-End Properties For Sale that fit your budget, find that you like this place well enough, and decide to move permanently.

Most Luxurious Holiday Destinations For Young

Considering that; I’ve written this article in the hope of inspiring you to try something a little different. A couple of the places I’m about to mention are actually quite popular with mainstream tourists, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in the same old hotels and sit on the same beaches as everyone else. You need to start thinking outside of the box to ensure you always have the best experience possible when traveling outside of your home country, and that usually means staying away from tourist trap attractions and getting yourself involved in the local community. Those who are planning a domestic vacation may consider visiting Biloxi, Mississippi and stay at one of the best Spas Near Biloxi, MS.

Here are the most luxurious holiday destinations for young couples, I hope you find them suitable.

Moscow, Russia

Since the iron curtain was lifted during the early 1990’s, millions of western people have traveled to Moscow for a memorable holiday. Whilst it’s true that most people living the capital speak some level of English, this isn’t always the case when venturing out into surrounding towns, so it might be worth learning a few essential phrases in the mother tongue of this land before you travel. That said; this city is like no other, and thanks to its east meets west style architecture, you’ll be able to witness aesthetics that are completely unique to this part of the world. Just make sure you have a large breakfast every day before leaving your hotel, because the Russian people do like to engage tourists in vodka drinking games, and this can start to become a little messy on an empty stomach.

Rio de Janeiro , Brazil

For whatever reason, hundreds of thousands of British and American tourists descend on the Brazilian capital every single year around carnival time to experience the festivities. Here you’ll find beautiful and diverse landscapes, attractive and interesting people, and succulent flavoursome cuisine certain to leave you feeling impressed. Though most people don’t know it, Brazil is a rather superstitious country, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you encounter psychics on the street or stumble upon a show being performed by a so-called psychic surgeon. If you are looking for professional psychics to make a reading for you, you may contact a psychic hotline and schedule a visit. Also, ghost stories are very popular in this nation, which means the locals might be tempted to give you a scare when the sun goes down. Still, it’s all in good spirits.

Miami, United States of America

This is one of those locations where any westerner would fit right in. The language is the same, so there’s no issues of note there, and the general outlook of local residents is very similar to that which you probably experience at home. So, if you’re looking for somewhere you can relax in the sun without having to worry about learning any new words, Miami is for you. The Miami Beach area has been very popular since its rebuilding during the 1970’s when gangsters and mob bosses ploughed their casino earnings into real estate. Still, times have changed, and now this city has become of the most luxurious on the entire north American continent. If you love casinos and you’re getting married, then you should definitely get a Wedding Casino hire.  And if you want to have a luxurious touch on your wedding day, then you may consider these Luxury Wedding Day Car Rentals.

Paris, France

They call this place “the city of love”, so it would seem pretty strange for me to leave it out of this list, right? Well, although Paris isn’t on par with the other destinations mentioned for luxury, if you’re looking to top class restaurants and amazing romantic views, this place if for you. I’ll be honest and admit that I’m not 100% certain why this place is considered to be so romantic, but just to give you a basic idea; over 300,000 couples from the UK and US traveled here last year to either get engaged, or honeymoon after their wedding.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You know, I find it slightly humorous to hear that most people think Dubai is in India, when, in fact, it’s much closer to Saudi Arabia than the Punjab. Still, as one of the world’s most up and coming destinations, it should be no surprise to learn that Dubai offers some of the most luxurious holiday experiences in the Arab world. Don’t misunderstand me, this place is nothing like its neighbours Iran or Yemen, and in fact has more western residents than natives, but this is all just part of the appeal. The most expensive hotel in the world is situated here on a man-mad purpose-build island just off the coast. Having checked online a moment ago, I can divulge that an average room here will set you back nearly £5,000 for a week, but boy do they look fantastic.

Nairobi, Kenya

Finally, I thought it might be worth including a location in Africa, as many articles of this nature tend to overlook that vast continent. Unfortunately, some British travelers were kidnapped and killed a couple of years ago on the Kenyan coast, and this is why its advisable you stay in major cities like Nairobi. Don’t misunderstand the situation though, the local people had nothing to do with this event, or any others like it. Those responsible has traveled from nearby Somalia where people are under an incredibly ruthless regime, and many are starving. Anyway, Kenya is a fantastic country filled with interesting residents and some of the most impressive safari routes on the planet. If you do decide to travel here, make sure you book 5* accommodation (because it’s cheap) and spend at least four days out in the bush looking for lions and elephants. You’ll never forget a Kenyan safari.

Right folks, that’s me done for today, but I hope the suggestions I’ve just made will inspire you to try something a little different with your partner this year. Have a brilliant time, travel safe, and I’ll see you back here for more interesting posts sometime in the future.

Catch you later!

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