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The World’s Most Incredible Buildings

If someone asks you to think of a world famous building, there are a few that stand out from the rest. Modern technology is allowing engineers to construct some truly magnificent structures. They come in shapes that were never thought possible only a few years ago, but the test of time will decide whether they will become Icons of their time.

Empire State Building

Everybody has a different opinion about architecture, and they tend to like what they like. It is unexplainable; just like emotions. You know it when you see it.

I am going to take a look at a few of the world’s most incredible buildings today. You might disagree with me; that reinforces what I said in the last paragraph.

The Empire State Building

Head off to New York to see the instantly recognisable Empire State Building. The structure was already world famous before King Kong scaled it in the movies, but that publicity did it no harm. The design came from Shreve, Lamb & Harmon Associates and took just over thirteen months to build. That is a miracle when you consider the construction methods and machinery available in that time. It stands as a testament to the talent and sheer grit of the construction workers who risked life and limb so that the people could scrape the sky. If you visit America, use one of the new Nokia maps to locate this building and pay it a visit; you won’t regret it.

Beijing National Stadium

The Bird’s Nest stadium  was constructed to host the 2008 |Olympic games. It is a marvel of modern engineering ad is a perfect example of how computers have changed the way architects design structures. Construction by Daniels told me that almost every decision they make when designing a new project involves computers. That doesn’t take anything away from the skill of the designers; computers only help them with their work. The stadium was designed by Herzog & De Meuron and cost about three hundred million dollars to complete

St Paul’s Cathedral

The most distinguishable landmark in London was designed by Christopher Wren and built in 1675. It stands today, despite the best efforts of the Luftwaffe as one of the most popular tourist attractions for people from all over the world. The top of the dome stands over one hundred and ten meters high and weighs over sixty thousand tons. I think you will agree; that is a staggering feat of engineering for seventeenth-century construction. It has plenty of history too. Admiral Lord Nelson’s funeral was held there, as was the Duke Of Wellington’s; two of the most famous people in English history. More recently, it played host to the funeral of  Baroness Thatcher. She was loved by loved and hated in equal measure after she closed down the British mining industry and caused a lot of suffering for those who lost their vocations.

I hope you agree with my suggestions for the world’s most incredible buildings. There are many more that deserve the title, and the argument will rage on. Compile a list yourself and submit it for criticism; everybody has an opinion the subject.


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