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The Ultimate Stag Weekend Destinations

Your stag celebrations should be something that you remember forever, which is why many men are now taking to the skies and jetting off for a weekend abroad. If you want a stag weekend that you’ll never forget, check out some of our ultimate destination ideas.

Las Vegas

Of course this was going to be first on the list; who doesn’t want their stag do to be in Las Vegas? There’s a whole range of laddish things to do, from gambling in the casinos you can also visit now online to downing shots in some of the world’s most famous nightclubs. Also by visiting casinos online at Mr Win, you can compare the best gambling sites here.

They call it the city that never sleeps, and you’ll be right in thinking that you’ll come back exhausted but happy. Just make sure your bride-to-be hasn’t seen The Hangover, or it may be a struggle convincing her to let you go. If you prefer staying indoors, then you can still have the fun casino experience at websites like www.onlinecasinocanada.guide.


There’s songs about this city; that’s how good it is. If you want a stag weekend that is full of laughs, sunshine and beer, then this is the place for you. Football fans will want to take a trip to Camp Nou and try to catch a glimpse of some Barcelona FC players warming up for the next game. The seafront is also the perfect place to have a few drinks with the guys, before making your way back into the city for the coolest clubs.


This contender has fought its way up the stag weekend charts over the last few years, and it looks like it is here to stay. Those who want to add some culture into their drunken weekend should definitely put Prague on their ‘to go’ list. You can visit the incredible buildings by day and the crazy clubs by night. The great thing about this Czech Republic city is that it’s cheap, especially if you book with Venere for your hotel or hostel.


This is another one you may have to plead with the bride-to-be in order to be able to visit for your stag weekend. Although renowned for its Red Light District and (ahem) coffee shops, there is much more to Amsterdam than debauchery. Plenty of your favourite beers are made in this city, meaning there are plenty of brewery tours to go on. Show your fiancée pictures of the beautiful tulip fields and bike rides if she needs some persuading.


We had to have a UK destination on this list, or it just wouldn’t be fair. London is by far the most popular city in England, for those who are planning to celebrate their stag do. Even if you live nearby, there’s something alluring about the ‘big smoke’. Dinner and a show (we recommend We Will Rock You) before hitting the clubs and finally collapsing in a Travel Lodge. Do it all again the next day, unless you fancy some culture, in which case take a trip to The Tate. Perfect British weekend!

We hope we’ve added some good ideas to the melting pot, for your ultimate stag weekend. Just remember to check with your fiancée that you’re allowed to go before booking; unless you want the wedding called off…

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