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The 4 Most Breathtaking Cities in Italy

If stunning aesthetics are what you look for on your holiday, you need look no further than Italy. Indeed, it’s a country that revels in its history, and that gives it a charming allure that is unparalleled. Few places in the world wear their hearts on their sleeves quite like the Italians. But it isn’t difficult to figure out why exactly they might choose to show their influences so much.


The country is steeped in architecture, cuisine, and history. All of that may have evolved over the years, but the heart remains way in place. Tradition is something that is highly valued among Italian communities. Big families still get together regularly at meal times, just like they have for generations.

This kind of character is what really underlines the magic of Italy. No matter how far they’ve come in terms of advances, they’ve never strayed too far from this principles. For the history buff, or even someone who just loves to indulge themselves, here are some of the most stunning cities Italy has to offer.


Bologna may be a city that resonates with you thanks to its cuisine. It doesn’t take a genius to work out what its most famous export may be. And indeed, any foodie would have a field day when visiting this wonderful city. There is so much to try, and its region is one of the most beloved of all when it comes to italian food. If eating hearty and satisfying meals is what you want above all, Bologna is definitely a place you should try to visit.


Steeped in history, Rome is arguably the most famous of all Italian cities. Indeed, much of Italy’s history centers around it. And that history can easily be defined by its architecture, even today. The city has remained true to its roots over the centuries, which makes it a quaint place to get acquainted with Italy. No visit to Italy would be complete without venturing into this fantastic, visually appealing city. Even if you’re not an expert in history, you would kick yourself for missing out on the sights and sounds of Rome.


No guide to Italy would be complete without touching on Venice. It is perhaps the most famous of all the Italian cities thanks to its winding canals. That in itself makes for a truly unique vacation, but it isn’t the only thing Venice has to offer. Say goodbye to bustling cities full of busy people and traffic. Everything seems to move at a slower pace in Venice, which makes it ideal if you want to escape and relax.


For fans of literature, Verona may speak volumes to you. It was the setting that William Shakespeare chose to place his beloved Romeo and Juliet. That story is perhaps the most famous romance story ever told, so you can imagine what Verona must be like. Though it has been centuries since then, not a lot has changed about the city itself. It remains at the heart of love and is perfect for a romantic break.

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