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Planning A Trip For Your Boss? Read This

If your boss has put you in charge of planning their next business trip, you’re probably feeling daunted and overwhelmed. It’s a big responsibility that requires planning and plenty of foresight to be executed successfully. But instead of seeing this as a stressful and scary prospect, see it as an opportunity to impress and develop. If your boss enjoys and feels comfortable throughout their trip, you never know what doors might open for you. After all, they wouldn’t have assigned you the task if they didn’t think you were capable. So to help make the process seem less terrifying and more stress-free, read through these top tips.

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Never make assumptions

This is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind when planning your boss’s business trip. Assuming what they want their trip to entail will almost certainly end in disaster. Take the information you have been given but also schedule a time to talk to your boss about it in more detail. Find out if they have any preferences or if there was anything, in particular, they want you to organize. This might include booking a table at a favorite restaurant or using a particular hotel chain. You should also find out what the budget for business travel is and stick to it closely. Once you have this information, create a checklist with deadlines to help you prioritize tasks and to remind you of what needs doing.

Arrange transportation

Transportation is what is going to take your boss from A to B. So it should be one of your main priorities when planning the trip. If they are flying to their destination, start looking at the price of business class tickets online. Shop around until you find a price that suits the budget you have been given. Then consider hiring transport to get them to and from the airport and to their accommodation. They may also need transportation to get to their meetings and for entertaining colleagues. You might want to hire a luxury limo from services like Dream Limousines or SUV service to help your boss travel in style. You should also give your boss the contact information of local taxi or train services in the area.

Consider the small things

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make or break a business trip. So make sure you consider both the major and minor details thoroughly. Book a hotel that has good wifi capabilities so your boss can work and stay entertained. Look at local hotspots such as bars and restaurants and book a table for each night. Create a flexible itinerary that allows for downtime, travel and delays. Also, look at the weather forecast for them before they leave to help them plan what to pack. It’s these small details which will contribute to making their trip more enjoyable, comfortable and organized. Always remember to book in advance to avoid disappointment.

With sufficient planning and communication, there is no reason why the trip shouldn’t be well received. Don’t leave anything until the last minute and plan for any eventuality. Even if they don’t happen, it’s always best to plan ahead to help your boss have the best business trip possible.

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