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Making Your Trip Through France An Unforgettable Holiday

France is easily one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. For one, a country that large situated in that climate is bound to have all kinds of natural beauty to explore. From the Alps to the Riviera, there are a whole slew of sights to see. Then you have some of the cultural capitals of the world. A French city surrounds you in some of the best food, history and art that Europe has to offer. It’s no wonder trips through France are one of the most popular kinds of European holidays. Here are just some of the reasons why.


Finding adventure

France is a unique country that’s comprised of more cultural influences than you might think. Driving from end to end will put you in contact with all sorts of local flavours. It shows in some of the more unique locations you might find, too. From treehouses you can stay in to some exhilarating back roads. Going off the beaten track in France is one way to guarantee finding a totally new experience, so give it a try.

Exploring the countryside

As big and developed as it is, France is built for facilitating long travel. But with as many national parks and wonders to see, it’s also well worth stopping once in awhile. The best way to see the real France is a road trip. That way you can not only hit the big cities but skirt the Alps and explore the Port-Cros National Park. You don’t even have to sacrifice luxury with the right choice of vehicle.

Paris, the Metropolitan Capital of Europe

We recommend taking a road trip as opposed to spending all your time in a city like Paris, but that doesn’t mean you can skip it out. Paris is a true metropolis with opportunities, entertainment and culture around the corner. If you plan your trip well in advance, you can fit some of the best Paris experiences in a single day of your travels. You’ll have time to have a meal with the tower in view and hit the Louvre before setting off for the next destination.

Travelling the French Riviera

The Riviera,, or Cote d’Azur, is a stretch of coast synonymous with beautiful beaches and luxury. So it’s only right that a trip through France indulges in at least a taste of it. If you want to see some of the best beaches in the Mediterranean, never mind France, then take a trip to Nice. The Promenade de Anglais is a walk well worth savouring, for one.

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