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Change Your Life: Here’s Why Moving Abroad Should Be On The Cards!

At the start of the year, did you swear to yourself that you were going to do more? It’s not nice when it feels like life is passing you by, if you’re bored of mundane routine, and unsatisfying job or just living without passion- why not go big? Doing something enormous and life-changing like moving to another country might be exactly what you need to give you a new zest for life. Maybe you’re thinking about taking the plunge as a way to boost your career, or as a way to take a new path completely. Either way, moving to a whole new place can mean many new possibilities and opportunities. However it’s a huge decision, and there are some practicalities to consider. Here are just a few of them.

Preparing for your big trip

Work Out Where You Will You Live

If you haven’t decided on a place to move to yet, the this is the first thing you need to consider. The place you go with will influence your entire lifestyle. Will you go for somewhere hot or cold? City or country? Somewhere in the east, or in the west? Start with the continent first, and then narrow it down. For example, if you decide on North America, which state will you go with? Each is so different so you have so many options. From busy and bustling New York to snowy Colorado, sunny Florida or somewhere more remote like the Dakotas. If your heart is set on Europe, which country appeals to you most? Quaint and charming England, vibrant Amsterdam, scenic Germany or France which is full of culture. You could go to a city in the Middle East like Abu Dhabi or even Dubai which is the fastest growing city in the world. There are so many exciting destinations out there you’ll be spoiled for choice, spend some time thinking about exactly what it is you want. If you’re moving with a family, you will want a place that has low crime rates, good schools and facilities. If you’re moving for a career, you’ll want somewhere with tonnes of opportunities, perhaps places with great restaurants, bars and nightlife so you can get the balance between work and play right!

Decide Why You Want to Relocate

Your reasons for relocating will affect the place you choose, so it’s worthwhile sitting down with a pen and paper and jotting down your thoughts. If you want to move abroad, why is this? Do you want to get a better job? Do you want to see more of the world, and experience culture, food, religion and meet new people? Are you moving to find love, or have you already found love and you’re moving to be near them? Do you want more opportunities for yourself and your children? With it being such a big decision, you’re bound to have your moments of doubt and wonder if you’re doing the right thing. Having your reasons written out in black and white and being able to look over them can help you to get back in the right frame of mind. Instead of worrying what you might lose, think about what you could gain. It’s only natural to have doubts, but if you’ve thought long and hard and know in your heart that this is the right decision for you then push forward and look for the positives! There are lots of great reasons for moving away, so decide what yours are and what’s important to you. That way you can start putting the plans in motion, and make dreams a reality.

Sort Out Your Living Situation

Getting rid of your old property as well as finding somewhere new to live is one of the most difficult parts of moving abroad. If you own your home you will need to decide if you will sell it or rent it out. Selling it gives you a lump sum of cash which could allow you to buy something else in the new country, but renting it out gives you money each month. You would need to hire an estate agent to manage it for you, but it’s still a reliable source of income. If you’re renting, you will need to check that you’re not in contract, and then make sure the property is left in good condition. What’s even more difficult however, is finding another place abroad. It’s not like you can easily pop over for viewings, one option is to schedule a few over a couple of days and then go on a short break ahead of your moving day. Worst case scenario you could always stay in a hotel or rent a place short term when you arrive until you find something you like. This just means that it will take you longer to settle though as you won’t be in your long-term home right away. It can also mean you don’t have much space for your possessions, especially if you plan on having quite a few things shipped over to you. You should spend time working out what you want to bring, you could use a container delivery service to bring anything you wanted but from a price point of view it makes sense to keep things to a minimum. For example, large and bulky furniture items will probably be better to be resold and bought again in the new place. Unless things hold special sentimental value or they’re things you can get again when you move, sticking to smaller and lighter items will be cheaper for you. In addition, if you have items you need to be transported from your old to your new home, you might want to consider hiring professional home removals services.

Sell Your Vehicles

In most cases, it makes more sense to sell the vehicles you own before you leave and then buying new ones when you reach your destination. Shipping companies are able to do this for you, but things like insurance and finance can be complicated. If your vehicle holds special sentimental value or it’s something you won’t be able to replace then by all means ship it over. But it’s worth planning and doing your research about this. How much will it cost? Will your finance company let you take the car out of the country permanently? (legally it belongs to them up until you make the last payment. Will you be able to drive in the new country or will you need to retake your driving test? Are you moving to a place where keeping a vehicle is practical, for example in big cities there’s little point owning your own car. The roads are so busy so it’s much easier to just get public transport. If you’re outside of a huge city or will be living a little way from where you’ll be working, keeping a car will be worthwhile. Have a look online at car listings in the place you will be moving to, it will give you a feel for the models and price points you’ll be looking at when you go, allowing you to get prepared. Depending on where you move, you might be able to get your hands on cool models that aren’t easily accessible in the country you currently live in. If you’re a car lover, this can be a nice perk!

Get Your Visas in Order

If you want to live and work abroad, you will need to apply for the correct visas and make sure that all of your paperwork is in order. In some countries, you can’t move there at all unless you’re sponsored by your workplace or have a skill which is needed. This is something to bear in mind when you’re destinations to move to, before you get your heart set on somewhere that you can’t go. However there are lots of places that will accept foreigners moving from abroad, and there are places that are actively seeking this due to a skills shortage. The procedure for obtaining a visa for living and working abroad all depends on where you currently live and where you want to move to. Make sure you find out all of the necessary information during the planning and research stages of your trip. Don’t leave this until the last minute, it’s a vital bit of paperwork and not having it can be the undoing of your entire moving venture.

The planet we live on is huge and beautiful, and when you live in one place for your entire life, you’re only ever able to fully experience a small part of it. While travel is great, it’s not quite the same as fully submersing yourself in a place. When you’re a resident rather than a tourist you get to see things from another perspective, learn what it is to live, work, socialise and everything else in the place you have chosen in a whole new way. Whether the move is six months, a year, a decade or permanent, it can help to give you fantastic life experience.

Is moving abroad on the cards for you? If so, what reasons are you likely to take the plunge for, and what destinations do you have in mind?

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