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3 Things to Consider when Booking an International Road Trip

While airline delays may be inevitable during the busy, festive period, recent statistics released by Refund.me have revealed that the most popular overseas resorts also have the worst performance in terms of flight delays. This is particularly true between the UK and England, where the rating for some flights have plummeted below 50% to their lowest ever levels. This creates an issue for travellers, who want to escape to sunnier climbs this winter but are loathe to spend money that incurs stress, anxiety and worry.

 International Road Trip

Taking an International Road Trip: The Main Considerations

With this in mind, it may be worth considering the merits of taking a road trip when visiting European resorts. This also requires careful planning and preparation, however, so consider the following factors before making a financial commitment: –

  1. Your Choice of Route or Destination

The rules and structure of the road vary from country to country, especially across a vast and diverse continent such as Europe. This means that you will need to choose your destination and route carefully, as otherwise you run the risk of compromising your safety or damaging your vehicle. Pay particular attention to issues such as national legislation, congestion and fuelling, while also factoring in any physical obstacles that may hinder you while driving. If you need to alter your proposed route to avoid these issues, you should do this before spending any money on your trip.

  1. The Need for International Break-down Cover

Just as the rules of road vary when travelling abroad, so too does the type of documentation required to be a qualified motorist. You should also take note that your existing breakdown cover may not extend outside of the UK, as this is usually the case with standard British policies. You will therefore need to consider amending your coverage or switching to a specialist service provider when the opportunity arises. Companies such as Breakdown Direct offer dedicated European policies, for example, which can be tailored to suit the demands of your trip.

  1. Consider whether to Drive your Own Vehicle or Rent a Car

Finally, it may not be the most sensible idea to take your own car if you intend to embark on a long-term road trip. The demands of off-road driving and covering variable terrain can place an incredible strain on standard vehicles, and the damage caused to your car may require you to pay significant amounts of money for its restoration. A more cost-effective solution is to consider leasing a purposeful car for the duration of your trip, as while you may need to pay some money up-front it has the potential to deliver long-term financial savings.


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