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Why the Volkswagen Golf may be the Best Car Ever

While claims such as ‘the best car ever’ may seem fanciful and subjective, there are some vehicles that offer a more compelling argument than others. There are also some auto brands that offer a higher guarantee of quality than others, thanks to their considerable histories of success and innovation. Take Volkswagen, for example, which has an Electronic Research Laboratory based in the heart of Silicon Valley and continues to work on projects that aid existing vehicles and create the vehicles of tomorrow.

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The New Volkswagen Polo: Combining Style, Functionality and Efficiency in a Compact Form

 The Volkswagen Polo is certainly one vehicle that has benefitted from this considerable research, while it may also have the potential to be backed as one of the most impressively designed cars on the market. There are several reasons for this bold claim, with one of the most prominent being the way in which style, functionality and efficiency have all been easily achieved within a single, compact design. It also boasts considerable and surprising levels of power, with a top speed of 112 mph and a 0-60 acceleration time of approximately 10.2 seconds.

In terms of efficiency, the Volkswagen Polo is equipped with impressive fuel economy figures of 57.6 mpg. This represents a favourable return in the British market, especially for a 1.2 litre petrol engine and a manual six speed gearbox. This is a huge consideration in the current market, as though consumers are keen to invest in efficient and economic vehicles they do not necessarily want to compromise on performance or speed. With this in mind, the new Volkswagen Polo represents a viable investment.

Design and Cost: More Reasons to buy the Volkswagen Polo

 There are also two additional benefits that distinguish the Volkswagen Polo as a great vehicle. The first is the flexibility surrounding design options, as you can modify the standard body with a number of embellishments including alloy wheels, interior security alarms and also your choice of external lighting.

Above all else, however, a new Volkswagen Polo can be sourced exceptionally cheaply in the current market. This is especially true if you partner with a reputable online dealership such as Orange Wheels, which sells a wide array of Polo’s at discounted prices. The result of this is that you can buy a high specification car from new at below market value, meaning that you achieve the very best in terms of quality, performance and competitive pricing.

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