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What Computer Monitor Features Are Important For Reducing Eye Fatigue?

What is the best computer monitor for writing or reading without eye fatigue? Is a glossy or a matte screen better? LCD vs. LED? 1080×1200 or higher? I do not care about movies and games, and I’m looking for a 27-inch size.Cesar Rabellino Stamford, CTDell large monitor

A. If you’re in a brightly lit room with light-colored walls or you wear light clothing regularly, you may be happier with a monitor that has a matte screen. It will not reflect light objects as much as a glossy screen will.

All monitors use LCD technology to create the image but may use either LEDs or CCFLs to backlight the LCD. An LED backlight recovers full brightness immediately upon being turned on or waking from sleep mode, and it uses less power than a CCFL backlight.

At the 27-inch size, look for a “full HD” or 1920×1080 pixel resolution. All modern computer operating systems, including Windows and Mac OS, allow rescaling the image to make text and screen objects as large as you might need for easy viewing.

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