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Things To Know About the New Clover 2

Are you looking for a point-of-sale system that will make your employees’ lives easier and keep your customers happy? Upgrading from simple cash registers to POS systems is an especially important move for small businesses that are focused on growth. The new Clover 2® POS system provides significant value for the money and is a great option for small businesses. Here’s what you should know about the highly anticipated system.

Clover 2 POS system

Software Changes

There are a few software changes that come along with the new Clover® system. Previous versions provided exceptional reliability, security and speed, but they were not ideally suited for certain types of establishments – especially restaurants. So, Clover® went to work to redesign their software and address any shortcomings that came with previous versions. The new system irons out any issues the previous versions had and is now optimized for full-service restaurants. The new version offers visual displays and apps for orders and tables that make restaurant payment management much more streamlined.

Payment Processing Improvements

In addition to change the software and making it more user-friendly for restaurants and other businesses, the new Clover 2® system also makes it easier to accept payments in a variety of ways. While previous versions couldn’t accept “chip” (EMV) cards unless you bought additional hardware, the new version can accept EMV cards out of the box. This feature gives retailers peace of mind that they can take payments with “chip” cards even if they don’t have separate hardware. Since more credit card companies and banks are replacing old credit cards with EMV versions, the ability to accept EMV card payments is critically important for any business.

Additional Features

The new Clover 2® is chock-full of useful features that will help you manage your business and payments more efficiently. A few of the top features include:

  • Comprehensive inventory tracking
  • Larger, more legible screen
  • Convenient time sheet management tools
  • Faster payment processing
  • Fingerprint scanning capabilities
  • Customer-facing printer display

A POS merchant account maximizes your income opportunities by making it easier to accept all types of card payments with ease. When customers have greater payment freedom and flexibility, they tend to think more positively about the purchasing process.

Rewards Program

In addition to offering cutting-edge point-of-sale processing systems and software, Clover also offers a highly beneficial rewards program. Loyal customers can benefit from complete promotional materials, convenient sign-up features and integration with Perka (a digital loyalty marketing platform).

Gift Cards App

If you would like to simplify the process of selling both plastic and digital gift cards to customers, look into the Clover Gift Cards app. The program is cost-effective and allows you to issue store credit and gift cards directly from your Clover® device.

Clover Insights

Tired of utilizing several different pieces of software and equipment to track your business analytics? Clover Insights is a service that delivers transaction trends and information that can help you increase your sales and compare your success to that of other nearby businesses.

Buying products from you should be easy. If you’re ready to streamline your checkout processes and get better insights into your inventory, a Clover 2® system will make a great addition to your business.

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