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The Technologies That Are Helping Our World Go Green

Believe it or not, our world is in fact getting greener and our environment is in fact in the process of fixing itself. And, did you know that technology is one of the biggest contributing factors to this fixing process? Specifically, there are few certain technologies out there that are designed specifically just to help our world go green, and they are the ones doing all the fixing! To see just a few of these technologies, make sure to read on.

TechnologiesSolar panels

Of course, one of the best and most famous technologies out there that are helping our world to go green are solar installation. You’ve probably seen a solar panel — in fact, you’re probably no more than a five minute walk from a home adorned in them (if your home isn’t). Solar panels do the job of sourcing energy through the sun’s rays, energy that is then used to power homes. And what all of this means for our environment is that fossil fuels are not used in this powering process, meaning that the environment is not harmed during it at all.

Smartphone apps

Yes, the humble smartphone app is also helping our world to go green. But, it’s not just any old app that is helping to do this (why would Snapchat be eco-friendly?), it’s specific apps that are designed to help us keep a track of our carbon footprint. For instance, the app WattBuddy, once downloaded and set up on your smartphone, can be used to track all of your electricity usage, meaning you’d never need to overstep the mark in regards to it.

Wind turbine technology

Like the previously mentioned solar panels, wind turbines are a famous name in the field of green technology. But, just because they’re famous and have been a mainstay in this field for years now, it doesn’t mean they are any less significant now as they were at their inception. Just look at the way they are used in Denmark: as stated on https://stateofgreen.com/en/, wind turbines are responsible for nearly 44% of all the electricity consumed in that country in 2017, and that is only projected to rise higher in the years to come. And, what this means is that the previously stated fossil fuels do not have to be used, and them not being used is only ever a good thing.

Electric cars

We humans created petrol and diesel cars, we need these cars, and we are killing the earth with these cars. But, that’s where the electric car comes in. Yes, electric cars are helping to cut down on the massive 24 pounds of harmful gases that cars and other vehicles are said to produce for every simple gallon they use. So, if you value your earth, go electric with your next car choice.

As you can see, technology really is doing its bit to help our planet go green and change the world as we know it. And, you can do your bit by embracing the technologies above and cutting down on your carbon footprint as much as you can.

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