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The Rise of Cloud Computing in the UK

2014 really was the year that the cloud took hold in the UK, transforming the way that we do business over here. Research that was recently undertaken by the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) showed that 78% of the businesses surveyed stated that they had formally adopted a cloud-based service as part of their business strategy. This is up a whopping 15% on the same period as last year. Has your business taken the plunge yet?

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Becomes a Pillar of Some Business Strategies

Just adapting cloud technology in one form isn’t the limit. Although 45% of the same businesses surveyed had adopted one form of cloud technology, many more said that they’d adopted it in numerous different aspects. 28% said that they use 2, 13% use 3 and 14% use 4 or more. This shows us that not only is cloud technology being adopted by many businesses, others are actively embracing it and placing it at the very centre of their strategy.

The research started in 2010, and since then there has been a 61.5% growth.

What is it Being Used For?

Businesses have a diverse use for this technology, but there are clear patterns of usage. Overall, web hosting was the most popular use, closely followed by email, CRM and data backup.

Many companies also mentioned that branding was very important to their cloud usage, with 79% saying it was an integral part of their IT strategy. Only 22% said that they used a managed service provider for their IT needs. 85% said they also operated part of their systems on the premises, either through servers or data centres. (Citation: www.servermania.com/new-york-colocation.htm)

So Why Are Businesses Using It?

In many ways, cloud technology represents something of a digital revolution for businesses, catapulting several SMEs into the 21st century.

For many, security appears to be the primary concern, with cloud backup providing them added security, no matter whether a laptop is stolen, riddled with viruses or lost somewhere along the way.

For others, environmental concerns are vital, allowing businesses to work in an ecological manner and reducing their carbon footprint. Cloud computing does a number of different things for a number of different businesses; if you’re interested in seeing what difference such a technological innovation can provide for you, then get in touch with a company like Landmark Technology today so that you can get professional advice on the matter.

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