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The best ways to manage your mobile app campaign

Having a great marketing strategy or a great creative slogan is no longer enough in today’s crowded app market. The strategy has to be delivered and executed meaning that the relevant message has to reach the relevant audience at the right time, and within a budget.

manage your mobile app campaignMedia

Media selection and optimization can often make or break a campaign due to the substantial costs. The most appropriate channels need to be selected, and campaign management tools such as Growmobile can make this process much easier by offering a centralized media buying platform that covers various mobile traffic channels, e.g. ad networks, different ad exchanges, media publishers, and various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Even more than this such campaign management tools have access to demand side platforms allowing you to target relevant audience through real time bidding exchanges, while leveraging the user impression and mobile device data that will help you make smarter bids.


Any good campaign management tool will also enable you to make targeted audience selections based on factors such as geography, language, device type, age, type of connection and interests. Targeting your audience allows for the right people to get your message and more important for you as the brand to focus your efforts on the right people and therefore reducing media wastage.

Campaign Management and Testing

Campaign management tools should offer brands efficiency rather than more administrative work. Good tools offer streamlined workflows providing an overall picture of the whole campaign process and in an integrated platform so you can undertake the management of a complete campaign in one tool no matter the number and type of media channels it uses. Often more insights are gained through testing whether it be via A/B testing or multivariate testing. Growmobile for example supports over 30 KPI measurements to test against such as LTV, usage metrics, and by publisher. With this testing and analysis, Growmobile is able in real time to optimize campaigns by RTB and CPC in order to increase acquisition rates and reduce cost per acquisition.

Reporting and Tracking

Understanding the effectiveness of a campaign may be the most important step in order to repeat successes and avoid failures. Effective campaign management tools will offer real-time unified reporting, providing actionable data and insights through dashboards allowing for quick intelligent decision making. They will have the ability to link performance and ROI data to specific factors such as segments, media, and messaging. As well as providing overall insights campaign management tools should track specific events which allows for for further analysis and optimization. Event rules can even be created, managed and automated to improve conversion through tactics such as retargeting.

Managing a successful campaign can often be stressful due to the number of things that need to be managed and analysed. With a good campaign management tool, much of the stress is taken away as it offers a single integrated platform to run an entire campaign, all the way from media and audience selection to campaign reporting, and all the important things in between such as: media buying, testing, event tracking, and retargeting. Above all, with the clear insights provided by an effective campaign management tool, brands can optimize current and future campaigns based on real data rather than subjective theories.

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