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Studies Show Fewer People Are Carrying Out Essential Car Maintenance

Studies have shown that fewer people are carrying out essential car maintenance. It highlighted young drivers as the worst offenders when it comes to neglecting simple upkeep. In principle, car owners should be undertaking a small level of care on a weekly basis. These essential tricks include checking your tyre pressure and monitoring and replacing the oil. Experts suggest these easy checks should take place once every two weeks. Unfortunately, road users are failing to employ these tests, let alone take on any larger repairs.

Engine of 2008 Nissan 350Z NISMO Coupe

We looked into these results to get an understanding of why this is happening. Although road safety and consciousness is at an all-time high, basic mechanics is at an all-time low. Is it a generation gap? Is it a change in the nature of road users or the cars themselves? We looked deeper into the causes.

In general, our cars are now much more reliable. Modern motors will often run for up to ten years without a hiccup. The latest cars are built to handle over 100,000 miles of road use, which is far longer than ever before. Not only that, but factory warranties have been extended, in many cases covering the lifespan of the vehicle. Car owners no longer have to open the hood and fix the engine on a regular basis. If there is a problem, our instinct leads us to the mechanic, rather than make repairs ourselves.

In addition to that, there is a generational gap opening up. In the past, our older cars require regular maintenance or they’d simply fall apart! Because they were less reliable, regular upkeep was crucial. Road users would have to make repairs and keep the engine in check. As modern engines improve, this basic car knowledge is no longer passed down the generations.

Cars themselves are also more complex. In the past, the simple mechanical structure was roughly identical with every car. The engine, brakes and suspension were easily accessible and relatively simple to maintain. Nowadays, cars are built around complicated electronic systems. In many cases, the engine isn’t even accessible to the car owner. It’s impossible to develop a basic understanding when the system is tied up in electric wiring.

All this is great news for mechanics, who are benefiting from this lack of personal maintenance! The simple truth is that they have access to modern equipment and tools. Simple screwdrivers, wrenches and hammers are no longer enough to repair your average car. Instead, you need tensioners and hydraulic tools from the likes of Torq Lite. Not only that, but if you’re a trucker, you’ll require electronic diagnostic software for the Truck Alignment too.

These numerous reasons all add up to a general lack of understanding about car maintenance. As a generation, we are nervous to open the hood of our cars and get our hands dirty. Take this opportunity today to change this. Simple car maintenance will keep your car running healthier for longer. Don’t shy away from it!

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