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Samsung, ZTE, HTC And More: Smartphones Galore Expected At 2014 Mobile World Congress

Get ready: Whatever phone you’re currently using is about to be outdated.The tech industry is gearing up for the annual Mobile World Congress show, where the biggest names in phones meet to unveil their flagship gadgets. Here’s what we think will make headlines when the show opens up February 24 in Barcelona.

Mobile world congress 2013

Samsung Galaxy S5
A tweet from Samsung on Feb. 3 all but announced plans to unveil the latest iteration of the popular Galaxy S line of phones on day one of MWC.

The short message from @SamsungMobile didn’t say much  beyond “Mark your calendars!”, but an image attached to the message made clear that the company planned an “unpacked” event. At similar events in the past, the company has unveiled its newest high-end phones.

The new phone is anticipated to have a 5.2 inch screen and carry a biometric fingerprint sensor, similar to the sensor built into the Apple iPhone 5S. Samsung typically packs its high-end Galaxy phones with premium features; other rumors suggest the phone may carry a high-resolution with a top-of-the-line, 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display — and maybe even an iris scanner to replace all those unsecure passwords.

BlackBerry Z3
Leaked images reveal a new phone from beleaguered BlackBerry, though whether anything can turn around the struggling hardware manufacturer is anyone’s guess. The new phone, reportedly code-named “Jakarta,” has a touch-screen and looks very similar to the Z10.

According to DigitalTrends, it is likely to be a low-end version of the company’s existing phones, rather than a new flagship.

ZTE Grand Memo II LTE
A new high-end phone from ZTE is likely to debut at MWC as well, a 6-inch smartphone that is reported to be “ultra slim.” Details on that phone are scarce, however: You’ll have to wait for Barcelona to begin before we know more.

Mashable noted that the company also plans to launch a different device running the Firefox OS 1.3. Called the ZTE Open C, the phone would carry a custom interface from the Chinese smartphone maker as well.

HTC One 2
Will HTC reveal something new? CNET’s Brian Bennett reports that the simply lovely HTC One may get an upgrade at the show, though details are limited at present.

Codenamed the M8, the device’s final name is still unknown — should it be called the One 2 or the One+? Or simply the Two? More clear are the specs, fortunately: The device will have a 5-inch screen, a cutting-edge Snapdragon 800 or maybe even 805 processor, and possibly two camera lenses to capture 3D video.

If none of those whet your appetite, there’s sure to be an iPhone 6 down the line.

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