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Samsung Release Circular Air Conditioner

There is no piece of technology that tech companies won’t try to improve on. You can buy the most sophisticated vacuum cleaner in the world or the smartest coffee machine. Think of any task in your daily routine and there will be a piece of technology that attempts to make it better. It’s no surprise then that Samsung has been working hard to improve air conditioning. Their latest product is a circular air conditioner. It is part of their efforts to expand the air conditioning aspect of their brand. They might be known more for smartphones and televisions at the moment, but that could soon change.

Circular Air Conditioner

The USA uses more energy for cooling than all the other countries in the world combined. It is certainly not the hottest place in the world. But you could say the country has developed something of an addiction. Some are concerned about the environmental impact of this. However, Samsung has clearly realized it’s an area where they can capitalize. You will find air conditioning units from Professional heating repair services like 75 Degree AC, not just in people’s homes, but all over the place. Commercial HVAC Installation Contractors install cooling systems in stores, cinemas, subway stations and more. Many Americans couldn’t live without it. This is particularly true in some of the states with warmer climates. The heat can be stifling, and many people want to stay as cool as possible.

Samsung announced their new units at the recent Samsung AC Forum in South Korea. It shouldn’t be long before they’re available from Deep Chill Air Conditioning and other suppliers. Anyone worried about the environmental impact of AC may take interest in the product. The circular 360 Cassette will be energy saving. It is also designed to save space in the home. That makes it ideal for people living in condos and other smaller abodes. The brand’s DVM Chiller can help to reduce annual utility costs by as much as 50 percent compared to other chillers.

The 360 Cassette is a bladeless air conditioning unit. It is designed to improve the control of airflow. Unlike conventional square units, there are no cold drafts and dead spots from uneven cooling. It distributes air quickly and evenly, thanks to the circular design. Previous technologies have done similar things, such as the bladeless fan from Dyson. The 360 Cassette eliminates the need for closing vents. It also can direct airflow horizontally or vertically, using a remote control. This makes it easier to set the AC to the homeowner’s preferences. This will definitely bring comfort into your home during the summer heat. If you wish to install a unit, look for an air conditioning service like the ones from this place sittonmechanical.com/air-conditioning/ac-installation/.

Samsung’s new hvac also focuses on looks, as well as technology. They are making it available in different finishes, including wood, concrete and paint. They recognize that many people are style and design conscious. They want something that blends into their home and looks like a feature, not an afterthought. The lack of blades helps it blend in and its smaller size means it takes up less space in homes and businesses.

The new Samsung Cassette 360 could change the face of air conditioning. It could also help to reduce the levels of energy used on cooling in the United States.

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