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Prices Slashed As Latest Smartphones Unveiled

A cut-price smartphone costing €29 (£24) is among a host of new devices which have been unveiled at the world’s biggest mobile phone show.The internet-ready Nokia 220, which comes with social apps pre-installed, broke cover on the first day of Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

Prices Slashed As Latest Smartphones

Aimed at potential customers in developing countries, it will go head-to-head with other affordable handsets, including those launched by Motorola and Huawei.

However, the price for basic handsets could fall further still, with Mozilla’s sights set on a $25 (£15) smartphone.

The company, best known for its Firefox web browser, has unveiled a prototype for its budget handset, with a range of new phones expected later this year.

The 220 is one of five new handsets unveiled by Nokia at this year’s MWC.

It comes with an FM radio, a basic camera and Bluetooth to share photos and videos and is available now in India, as well as countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa.

The Asha 230, which features a touchscreen and comes in several colours, is another cut-price device, retailing at €45 (£37).

However, much of the attention was on the three phones in Nokia’s X series, all of which run on the Android operating system (OS).

The X, the X+ and the XL are the first of the company’s smartphones not to use Windows – the OS produced by the firm it was bought by last year, Microsoft.

Other gadgets unveiled on the opening day of MWC included a new generation of Samsung Gear smartwatches and a revamped Xperia Z2, Sony’s flagship Android phone.

Samsung is expected to launch the newest additions to its Galaxy S range at a news conference later.

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