Published On: Thu, Jan 9th, 2014

PlayStation Now Brings Console-Free Gaming

Many people are used to streaming TV programmes, movies and music online, and in future they will be able to do something similar for PlayStation games.PlayStation Now Brings

Fans will be able to play them on their tablets, smartphones and televisions via the internet, under plans revealed by Sony.

It means users will no longer need to own a console to access some of the platform’s popular hits and classic games.

The firm has launched a new streaming service, PlayStation Now, where gamers will have access to the PlayStation 3 library.

To start with, they will be able to stream PS3 games on the latest console, the PlayStation 4, as well as the handheld PlayStation Vita and the latest Sony Bravia TVs.

But eventually the service will expand beyond PlayStation and Sony devices to allow users to play on any internet-connected TV, tablet or smartphone.

The service will use technology developed by cloud-gaming start-up Gaikai.

PlayStation Now will allow gamers to play across multiple devices and always play the most updated version of the game, which will be hosted in the cloud.

The progress of the game will be saved and readily available when a user logs in with their Sony Entertainment Network account.

Andrew House, chief executive of Sony computer entertainment, announced the streaming service during a presentation at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A statement on the PlayStation blog said: “We want to offer you choice when it comes to how you want to access content on PS Now, so you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in.

“We’ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.

“PS Now will begin a Beta programme in the US at the end of January with an expected full roll-out in the US this summer.”

It is not yet clear when the system will be available in the UK.