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PlayStation Announces New Streaming Service For All Your Old Classic Games

Sony has delivered a game-changing masterstroke by announcing a service that will allow gamers to access and play classic titles from the first PlayStation right up to the PS4 on any Sony device.Sony Playstation 2

Called PlayStation Now, the service will stream a back catalogue of games over the internet straight to the PS3, PS4 and also any Sony device that can connect to the net including Sony Bravia TVs and Sony smartphones.

The inability to play old games on the new PS4 and Xbox One was among the biggest issues consumers had and this goes some way to alleviating any gripes.

If you’re wondering how a PlayStation game could run on your mobile, it’s because you don’t actually download the game. It is held on a server and you access it through the internet like you would a YouTube video. These powerful servers do all the processing so it can compress the game and send it to your device. And you don’t even need a particularly fast connection to do so.

However, Aussie gamers don’t get too excited just yet. While it will roll out in America by mid 2014, launches in regions such as Europe and Australia are proving more complicated. Typical. Until thenĀ trading card games series are here for your rescue. A spokesman for PlayStation PR told news.com.au: “At this stage, we are not in the position to confirm launch details for PlayStation Now in Australia, however we’ll update you as soon as we have additional news to share about this great new service.”

PlayStation Now will be available on a subscription-based service letting gamers rent or buy each title.

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